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Briana DeJesus Files For Order of Protection Against Kailyn Lowry: She Still Thinks I Banged Chris Lopez!


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The feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus has been raging for years.

And yet somehow, every time we think these two have taken the beef as far as it can go, they find another way to escalate the conflict.

Kail launched a nucler strike against her rival last summer, when she filed a lawsuit against DeJesus for defamation of character.

The suit stems from an Instagram post in which Bri claimed that Lowry was arrested for assaulting Chris Lopez and breaking into his mother’s home.

Briana and Kail Split Pics

It’s not hard to see why Kail might be upset that such a claim was made publicly.

But Bri’s lawyers claim that the plaintiff’s real reason for filing the suit was to seek revenge over a mostly unrelated matter.

It seems Lowry suspects that DeJesus and Lopez slept together at one point.

Both parties have denied this, but it seems that Kail isn’t buying their story.

At least that’s the argument being put forth by Briana’s attorney, Marc Randazza, who has now filed a Motion for a Protective Order to ban Kailyn from seeking information about DeJesus’ [whose real last name is Soto] “sexual relationship with a third party” without confidentiality protection. 

“The case isn’t really about defamation. The case is really about the fact that Ms. Lowry is upset that Ms. Soto has had a relationship with her ex,” reads the filing, obtained by UK tabloid The Sun.

“That was apparent from the start, but during Ms. Soto’s deposition on March 7, 2022, it was no longer deniable.”

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Randazza accuses Kail of “prying into the matters of Ms. Soto’s sexual history.”

He further alleges that Kailyn’s attorney, Nicole Haff, “insisted that every salacious detail would be properly a matter of public record.”

“It is quite clear that the intent of this line of questioning was to both try to humiliate Ms. Soto and for Ms. Lowry to use this information for purposes that have nothing to do with the lawsuit,” Randazza’s filing reads.

The document also mentions that both Kail and Bri are “popular reality television stars” who are “followed closely on social media.”

Bri’s lawyer insists that there’s “no reasons for such questions” about his clients sexual past.

He says, however, that she would be willing to answer the questions as long as the information is kept “confidential.”

The suggestion seems to be that Bri’s answers to questions about her sexual history would not be kept quiet, and that Kail’s real reason for filing the suit is to publicly humiliate her longtime foe.

Bri and Kail are not set to square off in court until March 29, but the legal battle between them is already turning ugly.

In an earlier filing, Haff reminded the court of an infamous incident in which DeJesus sent Lowry a treadmill in the mail.

Bri’s goal, Haff says, was not to present Lowry with a thoughtful present, but rather to body-shame her.

“The treadmill, well I had nothing to do with that,” Randazza wrote in an email to Haff that was introduced into evidence last week.

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“That seems like an awfully expensive thing to send to someone as an insult. If Ms. Lowry doesn’t want it, I could stand to lose a few pounds myself.”

Needless to say, there’s some serious bad blood involved in this case.

And the situation is sure to get even messier once Kail and Bri come face-to-face in court!


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