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Briana DeJesus Issues 3-Word Response to Kailyn Lowry: Did She Sleep with Chris Lopez?


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Briana DeJesus is not about to get into a war of words with Kailyn Lowry.

This might explain why she just used only three of them to clap back at her long-time nemesis.

Earlier this week, Lowry spouted off in an exchange on Instagram, telling a follower about Briana, with whom Kailyn has often feuded:

She allegedly f**ked the third one in April.


bri vs. kail

This would be a reference to Lowry’s third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, who is actually the father of her third and fourth sons.

The poor guy finds himself trapped in between Lowry and DeJesus because Kailyn has sued Briana for defamation of character.

She believes that DeJesus purposely misled the public this summer when she gave an interview in which she cited Lowry’s arrest in September for allegedly punching Lopez in the face.

Kailyn said shortly afterward that she and Lopez did, indeed, get into a heated argument last fall — but that she never struck her ex.

In her aforementioned interview, however, DeJesus claimed that Lowry slugged Lopez as part of their confrontation and also said that Lowry broke into the home of Lopez’s mother.

Kailyn thinks Briana went out of her way here to tell multiple lies in order to “gain additional media attention for herself,” as she writes in her lawsuit.

DeJesus, though, has filed a motion to have the case dismissed… and has brought Lopez in as part of her defense.

He recently attached an affidavit to Briana’s motion, in which Chris admitted that he and DeJesus hung out a bit in April and this is when he provided her with his version of events.

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Lopez told the court in November that he fed DeJesus certain pieces of information when they spent “a few days together” in Miami.

He also told Briana back then that Lowry “punched me multiple times” because “Kailyn was mad that I cut our sun [sic] Lux’s hair.”

The father of three went on to allege that, after Kailyn punched him, he “did not fight back and continued to allow Kailyn to hit me.”

He also said he told DeJesus that his “mother or sister pulled Kailyn away from me and told her to leave” before he called the cops.

Briana’s legal point here is that she did NOT defame Lowry because she was relaying facts as told to her by Lopez himself.

But Kailyn looked right past that this week, simply assuming Briana and Chris slept together during their time in Miami.

It must therefore be asked:


Us Weekly posed this inquiry to DeJesus on Tuesday, asking the Teen Mom cast member if she slept with Lopez.

“No, I didn’t,” responded Briana.

And that’s it.

Doesn’t get any more straightforward, does it?

Lopez, meanwhile, became a father for the third time just this month.

He confirmed the news himself, hurling shade at his sons with Lowry in the process.

“I love being a dad, I promise you,” Lopez said on the latest episode of his podcast, prior to taking a very weird shot at his first two children.

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“I experience more with the third one than I have with the others. It feels crazy, it feels good,” he added.


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