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5 reasons why buildings collapse after construction


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Buildings are meant to withstand difficult conditions, tough weather and atmospheric conditions, natural disasters like earthquakes, situations like moisture (if too close to a water body), etc. Many buildings, however, witness deterioration in less than a decade of their construction owing to several different factors. These are the buildings that are super unsafe to live in no matter the duration. To feel safe and secure in your own homes is one of the primary factors in construction, which is why hiring a house construction company that will ensure the protection of all the occupants of the building along with providing a beautiful and luxurious space to live in would be a blessing in disguise. Collapses lead to damage in the structure and foundation of the space overall which makes it very difficult to be able to construct yet another strong building in the very same space. This, not only leads to an issue about the area, but also leads to a massive amount of loss in terms of money, economy, environment-friendliness, and even the morale of the crew workers who worked so hard to get the building upright in the first place. 

Ensure the structural soundness of a building is the primary job of the architect and the crew. Everything else comes later. Here are 5 primary reasons as to why buildings might collapse after construction. Being aware of these reasons will help the crew and the supervisors become aware of the common mistakes and can be careful to avoid them. 

  1. Weak foundation – The foundation is considered to be the core aspect of any building design. A properly designed and well-laid foundation is known to keep the structure of the building intact for years. This foundation should be laid on soil that is well-compacted and is at an appropriate depth. This increases the stability of the structure and largely reduces the risk of untimely collapse. One of the major factors for poor foundation could be the lack of inspection of the soil beforehand. Placing the load of a building on corroded or reclaimed soil will make matters worse as the strength of the ground and soil would not be enough to hold on to the load for a long time. Along with that, even the design of the foundation matters. 
  2. Poor quality raw materials – By using materials that are outdated, older, rusted, or that have already been developed into something better, the construction crew might pave the way for a collapse. Select the best construction company in Bangalore that will take care of the raw materials and ensure that a quality check is done before every consignment is shipped on site. Not only poor in terms of quality but sometimes materials of the incorrect size and specification are also used for certain projects. This naturally reduces the load-bearing capacity and the strength of the building. One of the major reasons for collapse could be the usage of inferior materials. 
  3. Faulty construction – In case the crew and workforce from laborers to supervisors are not trained enough or trained specific to the project, it can lead to major errors in construction and the execution of the project to accuracy. Any execution errors or wrong decisions made by the members of the workforce could result in permanent and long-lasting damage to the building and the soil. The workers and labor force need to be trained well to be able to execute the project without making mistakes that might lead to an incorrigible loss. Similarly, the supervisors need to be trained to spot any faults in the construction or errors made by the force.
  4. No strength tests – Any building constructed in any area needs to go through rigorous strength tests to ensure that it is strong enough to be able to hold the load of the occupants as desired. This helps to also gain an estimate of the weight and load a building would be able to safely support without causing cracks, breakages, or damage of any other form. The concrete can be tested using various methods like a rebound hammer. The absorption of strength by the concrete should be a good measure to determine the overall strength and capacity to bear the load. Defects in designs and flaws in the basic construction blueprints can also severely deteriorate the strength of the building. 
  5. Natural disasters – One of the major reasons why buildings often collapse after construction even after all the parameters are well looked after could be due to the forces out of human control – like natural disasters. Buildings in disaster-prone areas like hilly regions, near the ocean, etc need to be built keeping in mind their vulnerability. Special construction tools and basic foundations need to be applied to any constructions in such areas to be able to minimize the loss. The structures can be designed to withstand tougher conditions if the crew is prepared for it. However, if these natural forces exceed their limits, the building could see permanent damage. 
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Any building that is constructed is constructed with the aim of withstanding all sorts of weather, conditions, load, capacity, etc. A poorly constructed building is bound to collapse once it meets with the elements that were not planned for during the initial phases of construction. Ensure that you are living in safe and secure buildings that take into account all the factors due to which a building could lose its structural integrity and plans to mitigate the risks associated with these factors. This will happen if you make sure to hire a construction company that is experienced enough to deal with these issues. Not only deal with the issues but also make sure that their clients and customers do not have to go through the trauma and setback that a collapsed building can lead to. That is the mark of a good company. Hire the best in the business and look out for your physical and mental well-being and happiness. 

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