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Wearing a premium wristwatch makes a person look classy and presentable. There is a variety of wristwatches available in the market. You can choose among thousands of analog, digital or analog-digital wrist watches either from local stores or online stores. There is a large variety of watches like strap type, small dial or big dial watches online. Nowadays, digital watches with advanced features like connecting to your phones and showing your health status are launched in the market. But the traditional analog watches will never go out of style and are perfect to wear on any occasion.

If a person is spending a large amount of money on a premium watch, he should know what exactly to look for in a premium watch. Here are some tips for you to buy a premium wristwatch:

  1. The material used to make the watch

The material used to make the wristwatch has a huge impact on the look and quality of the watches. The material generally decides how premium a watch is. To buy a premium wristwatch, always buy the ones made with high-quality material. You should look for stainless steel at the minimum. Apart from giving a premium look, stainless steel watches have other advantages as well. Your skin does not feel irritated if you wear the watch for long hours. Also, the sweat induced does not affect the material as well. It is for these reasons that most of the watches’ backs are made of stainless steel. Further, every premium watch uses stainless steel with the highest purity level. You should keep one important thing in mind before buying a wristwatch: If a watch says, stainless steel back, it means that the backside of the watch’s dial is made of stainless steel and not the whole watch. Do not get confused with this small detail. Apart from stainless steel, you have other fabulous options as well.

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If you do not want to buy a stainless steel watch, go for titanium or ceramic watches. The wrist watches made from these materials are costly as compared to the ones with stainless steel. But they do offer better quality to the watch. So you can buy any of the above-mentioned material wristwatches if you want to buy a premium one and you will not regret your choice.

  1. The watch glass

For buying a premium wristwatch, always look for sapphire glass. The sapphire glass is the best kind of glass as it maintains a clear and scratch-free surface even after frequent use. Low-quality watch glass watches will be cheaper but more susceptible to scratches and breakages. Whereas crystal glass or mineral watch comes in between these two standards and average as compared to sapphire glass.

  1. PVD Coating on the watch

Next, always consider buying a PVD coated wristwatch. The PVD coating on the watch reserves its color for a very long time. The wrist watches without a coating get discolored within a year of frequent use. The coating can be of any color like rose gold, gold, silver, black, matte black. These colors give a higher premium and classy look to your wristwatches. The kind of PVD coating done to the watch is mentioned at the back of it. You can always trust an expensive brand to use the best quality coating for your watch.

  1. The watch strap

Depending on your style, choose the sort of watch band you use. The premium watches are available in bands of all sizes. They aren’t waterproof for the leather straps so many of you want to minimize your watch’s water contact. Look at the strap seams, and see that they are dial symmetrical and narrow. Furthermore, the band must suit the case perfectly. Many innovative types of bands are available in steel bands as well. Choose the one that looks best on your wrist.

  1. The Weight of the watch
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The weight of the watch is another important factor considered for buying premium wristwatches. No one likes to wear a heavily weighted watch on his wrist for the whole day. The premium quality watches are always light-weight but yet strong enough to bear any crashes. Their light-weight does not compromise with its quality. It is designed to look classy and feel comfortable as well. The weight of the watch also indicates the type of movement used to make the watch and material used to make it.

  1. Is the watch Water-Resistant?

Checking the watch’s water resistance is another important aspect. You never know when your watch comes in the contact of water, so it is better to buy a watch that provides resistance to water. A premium quality watch will always provide 10 ATM or 5 ATM of water resistance. It means that the watch can bear a pressure of 100 meters and still work perfectly. Any average watch will have less ATM to offer for the watch which reflects its quality.

  1. Perfect Finish

After looking at the characteristics mentioned above, you can finally look at the finish of the watch. A nicely finished watch has a look that no cheap watch can ever give. A perfectly finished watch will have no loose ends, no poor workmanship, or bumps. It should be comfortable to wear and have an attractive look. A premium watch always has a compelling and classy look that is incomparable to any average wristwatch.

You can buy a premium watch from any store of your choice. There is a large variety of premium watch online. A large number of premium wristwatches with a huge variety is available online. The features of the watch will also be described there which will make your choice easier. It is always best to invest your money after doing research. If you know the wristwatch beforehand, it will give you an upper hand while selecting a premium watch. So, before buying a premium watch have a look at the list that we have compiled. It will give you a clear idea about what features you should look for in a premium watch.

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