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Celebrity Big Big Brother Recap: Is Teddi Mellencamp the Target?!


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Celebrity Big Brother made a triumphant return to the air Wednesday night.

During its third season premiere, Julie Chen introduced us to the 11 houseguests competing for the $250,000 prize, and while the term “celebrity” was used very loosely by the casting team, this is an excellent bunch of personalities.

But who signed up to have their lives put in front of almost 100 cameras for 24 hours a day?

–  Cynthia Bailey-Hill of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

– Teddi Mellencamp of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

– Diff’rent Strokes actor Todd Bridges

– Singer/choreographer Todrick Hall

– SNL alum Chris Kattan

– Queer Eye for the Straight Guy personality Carson Kressley

– Former Miss USA — and frequent Kourtney Kardashian hater — Shanna Moakler

– Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu

– Former NBA player Lamar Odom

– Former UFC champion Miesha “Cupcake” Tate

– Onetime NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick.

We will forgive you if you thought you were tuning into the premiere of a civilian season because some of these names are certainly choices.

Fans holding out hope for a surprise 12th houseguest in Tiffany Pollard, we have some bad news:

There is no mystery 12th houseguest … yet.

Expect the unexpected is the name of the game, and those photos showing 12 seats at the dining table will probably be revealed as someone leaving the process due to COVID-19.

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The first half of the fast-paced premiere was spent introducing the houseguests.

Chris is a self-proclaimed superfan, but he was quick to tell his fellow houseguests he only caught a bit of a season that included a celebrity friend.

Carson pretty much knew every single person in the house, which might not bode well for the future.

He was happy because of the connections, but people will turn on him quickly if he doesn’t vote their way.

The good news for Carson is that he’s a part of the season’s first big alliance.

Carson, Todrick, Shanna, and Cynthia agreed to form the “girls and gays” alliance.

We don’t know whether it will stand the test of time, we don’t know, but these early alliances typically implode in the first few weeks.

Todrick was excited at being invited to be a part of the alliance because he was concerned he wouldn’t be asked to align with people.

The fun and games kicked off with Julie revealing evictions would take place twice a week until only one celebrity remained.

This will be the fastest game of Big Brother yet, clocking in at around three weeks.

The first Head of Household competition found the houseguests dressing up in some wild costumes.

“You have all heard of the Met Gala,” Julie said to them. “But this is the BB winter gala so exclusive that only 11 invitations went out.”

Todd decided to be the sole houseguest to sit out of the competition.

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Chris Kattan fell after just a minute and 26 seconds. Cynthia, Shanna, Lamar, and many other houseguests fell shortly after.

Ultimately, Miesha, Todrick, and Teddi remained in the competition.

Todrick tried to make a deal with Miesha because she was “looking like Hercules in drag. She ain’t going nowhere.”

She promised him that she would not put him up if she won, but Miesha refused to cut a deal with Teddi.

Mellencamp was visibly shocked and peaced out of the competition, likely securing herself as the first big target.

Miesha secured the win, but she may not have all the power in this wild first week.

Julie popped up to say there was another power up for grabs, leaving us on a cliffhanger until Thursday’s two-hour episode.

Celebrity Big Brother continues Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.


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