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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Alliances Crumble as a Surprising HOH Changes the Game


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Backstabbing is the name of the game on Big Brother, and it’s clear the celebrities are playing hard to deliver a good TV show.

Sunday’s new episode of Celebrity Big Brother picked up with Teddi Mellencamp getting the boot.

She had many critics during her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but her short stint on the CBS reality series showed her in a completely different light.

Mellencamp fought hard to stay in the game and was kicked out because she was deemed a threat.

Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey were both in shock at Teddi’s eviction, realizing that their so-called alliance was not as solid as they were led to believe.

Shanna’s vote surprised them the most, but the former Miss New York USA pageant winner managed to fool them into believing she did it for Teddi’s own good.

Miesha would have been able to break the tie and have the power to send Teddi packing. It’s a decent way of putting it, but Shanna is playing a decent game.

She has zero enemies and a lot of connections throughout the house. The tricky aspect of the celebrity edition is that there are fewer contestants, so it’s easier to see who is not voting the way they say they are.

The Head of Household competition was a unique spin on Rotten tomatoes that found our celebrities rolling “Rotten Potatoes” across three platforms to lock in the highest score. 

The scores were locked as follows:

Mirai: 51

Todrick 36

Lamar 61

Chris Kirkpatrick 75

Shana 52

Carson 36

Cynthia 36

Todd 33

Chris Kattan 27

Chris Kirkpatrick winning was no surprise. He got a good edit, showing him talking about who he would target if he landed in power.

He said he would go after Mirai, which irked former HOH Miesha. She wanted to take out Carson, but Chris Kirkpatrick was open about choosing if it was his HOH.

Miesha previously closed a deal to work with Mirai, which would be rendered null if she goes on the block.

Todrick, for some strange reason, wants Carson out of the house. They are supposed to be friends on the outside, but Todrick really doesn’t want to be playing the game with him.

Miesha and Todrick desperately wanted to be surrounded by the athletes’ alliance, but it looks like they are on an island alone at this stage.

In the end, Chris Kirkpatrick nominated Mirai and Chris Kattan for eviction.

They were simple nominations that won’t ruffle too many feathers, which should make for an easy week.

With the veto still in flux, things could change by the time the next eviction plays out on Monday.

CBS is all about speeding up the game to get it completed while the Olympics are airing.

Catch the next episode Monday, at 9/8c.

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