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Chelsea Houska Gets Attacked By Cruel Commenters on Instagram: Why Does She Look So OLD?!


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At the time of her retirement from the show that made her famous, Chelsea Houska was considered the most popular of all the Teen Moms.

Perhaps one of her goals in stepping away from the show was to go out on top. 

Maybe Chelsea wanted to leave them wanting more and get away from the spotlight before the crowd inevitably turned against her.

Unfortunately, in the age of social media, no one ever stops being famous, which means the haters are gonna continue hating even after the cameras stop rolling.

Chelsea has continued providing fans with updates and photos about her quiet life in South Dakota, and for the most part, the commenters have been highly appreciative.

However, in recent months, the tide has seemed to turn against Houska, and it started with unkind comments from her former co-stars.

First, Kailyn Lowry called Chelsea a mean girl after recalling an unpleasant first meeting.

Around that same time, Jenelle Evans attacked Chelsea’s appearance.

Sadly, this led some commenters to follow suit, with many pointing encouraging Houska to “go easy” on the Botox.

The situation came to a head this week after Chelsea posted two photos that seemed to draw the ire of fans for reasons that remain entirely mysterious.

The first was a selfie that appeared in Houska’s Instagram Story earlier this week (above).

The second was a photo of Chelsea and her family celebrating the launch of her latest fashion line.

As you can see in the pic below, the entire family looks stylish, and — more importantly — happy.

But fans were unimpressed by the pics, and in a Teen Mom-focused Reddit group, they absolutely unloaded on the mother of four.

“When did Chelsea age 15 years overnight?” one person asked, according to The Sun.

Another accused her of once again overdoing her facial filler treatments, writing:

“Ya she is def starting to veer into melting face migrating filler territory.”

“She should slow it on the lip fillers and Botox,” another echoed, while a third wrote:

“She looks older than me in these pictures. I’m older than her.”

Obviously, these remarks are rather brutal and entirely unwarranted.

It’s not hard to see why Chelsea has taken to turning off comments on her pics, so as to avoid being confronted with this sort of cruelty on a daily basis.

The downside to that move, of course, is that most of her interactions with fans were positive and encouraging.

Fortunately, Chelsea’s fans are still getting her back elsewhere on the internet, with an army of redditors rejecting the latest criticism of their queen.

One user pointed out that the commenters seem to be “obsessed with not aging.”

“Yeah it’s not unusual. I think they both look their age. People are obsessed,” this person observed.

“She looks nice to me. People can look older when they lose weight, especially in their face,” a second person pointed out.

“Everyone is so mean. She has 4 kids, 3 little ones. I have 0 and she looks better than me on an average day,” a third chimed in.

Another recent topic of debate has been Chelsea’s tan, which the haters criticized for being inappropriately dark:

“Chelsea’s girls rocking their natural (albeit insta filtered) colour. Meanwhile their Mam is 1,000 shades of mahogany,” one Reddit user wrote.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think she adopted those kids lol. I don’t get why she wants to appear an entirely different race!” another observed.

“It’s weird how people are coming to her defense about her way too dark makeup color/skin color,” a third pointed out, adding:

“I guess it rubs me wrong when white girls try so hard to look brown.”

To be fair, so-called “blackfishing” is a serious cultural issue that warrants serious discussion.

But in the pics we’ve seen, Chelsea doesn’t seem to have gone overboard with the spray tan to the extent that these critics allege.

Thankfully, Houska’s fans were once again happy to come to her defense:

“Who care about the damn tan. 

“It’s not my taste but if it makes her feel confident and beautiful then what’s the harm?”

Unfortunately, the debate over Chelsea’s appearance will probably continue, unless she steps away from social media entirely, which would be a sad day for her millions of followers.

Hell, at this rate, she might as well return to MTV!

At least there she was getting paid to endure daily trash-talk!

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