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Chris Noth Accused of Sexual Assault; Actor Issues Statement in Response


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Chris Noth has been accused of rape.

On Thursday, two women came forward and told The Hollywood Reporter that the veteran actor — best known for his roles on Law & Order and Sex and the City — had assaulted them in a sexual manner.

Out of respect for the privacy of these alleged victims, the publication agreed to refer to them by the pseudonym Zoe and Lily. 

“For so many years, I buried it,” Zoe told THR, stating that she felt a need “to try to go public with who he is” after Noth was cast in the new Sex and the City revival And Just Like That…

According to Zoe, Noth “rape[d] her from behind” in 2004 after the pair met because the then-22-year old worked at high-profile firm with famous clients.

She claims Noth would often walk by her deskand “flirt” with her at the office, eventually inviting her to his West Hollywood apartment to swim in the building’s pool.

At one point, Zoe says, the pair kissed inside of Noth’s residence — and then Noth ignored her request for the interaction to end there.

She claims the star pulled off her shorts and bikini bottom, and then assaulted her from behind while she was facing a mirror.

“It was very painful and I yelled out, ‘Stop!’” she says. “And he didn’t. I said, ‘Can you at least get a condom?’ and he laughed at me.”

After it was over, Zoe recounts:

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“I realized there was blood on my shirt. I got out of there. I went to my friend’s apartment [in the same building].

“I walked right in and went to the bathroom and tried to get the blood out of my shirt. They wanted to know what happened. I said, ‘I just want to go home.’”

Zoe adds that she did later go to Cedars-Sinai hospital, where she received stitches and told police officers she had been raped.

But she did not identity Noth as the alleged perpetrator at the time.

Lily, meawnwhile, says she met the actor in 2015 when she worked as a waitress at a New York City nightclub.

“He was hitting on me, for sure. I was flattered. I knew he was married, which is shameful of me to admit,” she now says, adding that she was 25 and Noth was 60 at the time.

After agreeing to meet Noth for dinner, Lily says she also agreed to go back to Noth’s apartment.

“He tried to make out with me. I cautiously entertained it. He’s older and looked older,” she told TH.

“He kept trying and trying and trying, and I should have said no more firmly and left. And then the next thing I knew, he pulled down his pants and he was standing in front of me.”

Noth thrust his penis into her mouth, she says.

Lily says Noth told her around this point that his “marriage [was] a sham” and then:

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“He [started] having sex with me from the back in a chair. We were in front of a mirror. I was kind of crying as it happened.”

When it was over, she adds:

“I went to the bathroom and put on my skirt. I was feeling awful. Totally violated. All of my dreams with this star I loved for years were gone.”

Lily says she called an Uber, got out of there and tried to minimize what had transpired.

After contacting The Hollywood Reporter, Lily let the outlet see text messages allegedly sent between her and Noth after the alleged assault.

“If you want to have a drink later it doesn’t have to be at my place…although I have the best whiskey,” Noth reportedly wrote in one exchange.

“Come have a drink with me before I leave [town]. Oh mysterious one… where did you go.”

noth, c

In response to these accuations, Noth told The Hollywood Reporter:

The accusations against me made by individuals I met years, even decades, ago are categorically false.

These stories could’ve been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago — no always means no — that is a line I did not cross. The encounters were consensual. It’s difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out.

I don’t know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women.


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