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Chris Noth Returns to Social Media: Don’t Attack Me, I’ve Got Kids!


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Late last year, Law & Order alum was making headlines after being killed off of HBO Max’s Sex and the City revival.

Then, a number of women came forward with accusations that spanned decades, accusing him of sexual misconduct.

Noth was edited out of the And Just Like That finale and fled social media.

Now, just weeks later, he has returned … posting about his kids, as if using them as shields against “mean” comments.

Chris Noth made a quiet comeback on Instagram just a few days ago.

He shared a photo of his 14-year-old son, Orion, playing a sport.

“SWISH. It’s a thrill to watch his love for basketball blossom,” Noth captioned the photo.

Chris Noth IG thrill to watch Orion play basketball

A couple of days later, the disgraced actor made another post, this time showing only silhouettes.

“Feb 18- Happy Birthday little Keats,” he wrote.

Not continued: “You have brought light and blue skies into our lives!”

Chris Noth IG happy birthday little Keats

Keats turned two years old this month, which is a major milestone — even as birthdays go.

Ordinarily, these would be heartwarming posts from a longtime television actor about his precious children.

Under the circumstances, many believe that he’s using posts about his kids to deflect backlash and soften his return to social media.

Noth’s inauspicious Instagram posts come just two months after a damning report.

The Hollywood Reporter published two accounts from two different women, confirming that they did not know each other and had reached out separately.

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The women accused Noth of sexually assaulting them — one in 2004, the other in 2015.

While they were the first to break the ice, they were not his only accusers.

Actress Zoe Lister-Jones spoke up, accusing Noth of misconduct in a work environment.

She described him being “sexually inappropriate with a fellow female promoter” when she worked at a club that was owned by Noth.

Singer Lisa Gentile also accused Noth of misconduct.

She alleged that he had “sexually victimized” her in 2002.

According to her, they had known each other for several years before that happened.

Noth denied the allegations, insisting that “no always means no — that is a line I did not cross.”

He did not deny having sexual encounters with these or other women.

However, he insisted that these were consensual.

As we noted at the time, it is possible that no one involved is knowingly lying.

There are instances of sexual assault (and other sexual misconduct) where the perpetrator truly does not realize that they violated consent or inflicted trauma.

That does not make what they did okay. In fact, it can lead to it happening again and again. Some have suggested that this is exactly what happened here.

In addition to denying the initial allegations, Noth also questioned the timing of the allegations, noting that the incidents were years apart.

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However, it’s not really a mystery. When is the last time that Chris Noth’s name was in headlines for days on end?

If these various women are telling the truth, one assumes that they saw the headlines and figured that other people should know who Noth “really” is, as they do.


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