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David Eason: Arrested for Drunk Driving!


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For the past few days, Jenelle Evans has been having meltdown after meltdown on social media after her clothing line was canceled due to the fact that she is not a good person.

But now we know that something else has happened that could be causing her to feel so upset …

David Eason went and got himself arrested again!

Yep, while Jenelle has been ranting and raving about how unfair it is that no one will acknowledge how much she’s grown and how great her life is now, David has been out there breaking the law over and over again.

This is all a little confusing because there were actually two separate incidents in which David got in trouble with police recently, and they were both posted online in North Carolina’s court date database yesterday.

We’re not sure when the first incident happened, but we do know that David was pulled over and charged with driving with a revoked license, having expired tags or registration, and speeding.

The records specifically note that he was not impaired during this stop, so it seems like he was tested and he passed.

But on Friday night, that unfortunately was not the case.

On Friday night, according to records and a confirmed report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, David was pulled over and arrested for driving while impaired.

He also got a charge for having an open container in the car, and yet another charge for driving with his revoked license.

He was taken to jail around 10:30 PM, then released around 2:40 AM when someone, presumably Jenelle, paid his bond.

This is all very bad for a number of reasons.

One, this is hardly his first time getting arrested for driving under the influence — in his lengthy criminal history, he’s already been charged with it three times back in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

In North Carolina it seems like they take these kinds of charges seriously, and depending on other factors, David might be in some very big trouble.

We’ll have to wait to hear more details, like whether or not anyone else, especially any of the kids, were in the car with him, but just based on what we already know, it looks like he could potentially be facing a felony charge and at least a little bit of jail time.

It’s also worth mentioning that in North Carolina, a fourth DUI offense requires a minimum jail sentence of one year and a revoked license for life, but it’s not clear if those four DUIs have to occur within a certain time period.

We’re not lawyers, of course, but it’s probably safe to say that this is not good.

Two, there’s a whole different pile of issues related to the revoked license, because it turns out that you can’t keep doing that.

He could potentially face jail time for that alone, and getting two charges so close together … well, it doesn’t look great, does it?

There’s also the chance that it could affect the Easons’ insurance rates quite a bit, which would be tough considering the fact that David refuses to work and whenever Jenelle tries to make money, she fails.

Three, David is unstable as it is, and it’s always scary thinking about how he’s reacting behind closed doors whenever something big like this happens.

And then you have to consider what would happen if he actually did go to jail for any considerable amount of time. How would Jenelle survive on her own? Would she find a new soulmate?

Speaking of soulmates, here’s another fun fact: Jenelle’s first husband, Courtland Rogers, was also arrested on Friday! He and David were in jail together years ago, before David ever met Jenelle, and now they’re back together again, isn’t that neat?

So on Friday afternoon, Jenelle announced that her clothing line had been canceled and cried on TikTok, and that night, David got arrested, spent about four hours in jail, then was bonded out.

The next morning, Jenelle started going off about some criticism she’d gotten for defending Kyle Rittenhouse against being bullied by LeBron James (LOL), then switched to ranting about how people don’t care about “mental health awareness.”

She ended up announcing that she’d be taking a break from social media because she was so depressed, then privated her accounts before deactivating her Twitter altogether.

She did post a YouTube video last night crying more about the clothing line and she promoted the video on her TikTok and Instagram, but other than that, she’s been silent.

We don’t know what’s going to happen next, but we’re pretty sure it isn’t going to be good.

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