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David Eason Murders Pig, Gouges on Snout and Eyeball, Grosses Out Just About Everyone


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David Eason is at it once again.

By which we mean the following:

David Eason just killed another innocent animal once again.

This time, we suppose, at least the former Teen Mom 2 cast member did so in order to actually use it for food and/or sustenance.

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans’ violent and racist husband jumped on TikTok to offer up a cooking lesson on how to grill a pig head.

The MTV alum took extreme pride while doing so, flipping over the hog’s noggin for all to see and then seasoning the decapitated cranium prior to slapping it down on the grill.

He left it there for about seven hours (not filming the entire time, of course) and then said it was time to dig in. 

Eason proceeded to tear off the grilled snout and stick it in his mouth.

David Eason's pig

After taking a bite, the reality star mentioned that the grilled eyeball was just as “gross” as it looked.

The father of two then crushed the eyeball with his bare hand, writing as a caption to this unappealing post:

“Wait no longer, the grilled hog head is here. Watch till the end to me eat the snout and eyeball.”

We’ll pass on doing that, thanks.

Eason, of course, has risen to extreme infamy for numerous reasons, from posing with the Confederate Flag to breaking his wife’s collarbone.

But perhaps David’s most well-known and despicable act was to take his family’s pet bulldog, Nugget, into the woods and a few years ago and then shooting the poor animal dead.

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Eason confessed to killing the canine, too.

He claimed at the time that Nugget bit his young daughter and that he had no choice (having evidently never heard of animal shelters or adoptions) but to put the four-legged friend down.

eason eyeball

Shortly after this heinous act, Child Protective Services investigated Eason and Evans, even taking away their kids for about a month.

Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 right around this time.

David and Jenelle are the parents of a four-year-old girl named Ensley; while the latter has two sons from a previous relationship (Jace and Kaiser) and the former has another daughter (Maryssa) and another son (Kaden) from his own previous romance.

“I’m so mortified, yet so intrigued,” wrote one social media user in response to Eason killing and grilling this pig.

“Not gonna lie. I threw up a little when you ate the eye,” added another.

“The eye got me gagging,” a third chimed in.

“At first, I was thinking this would be a hell of party favor, but then the eye. Nope!” wrote a fourth along with a laughing emoji.

Eason has not yet responded to any of this backlash, and we doubt he will. Unless he chooses to mock the various responses.

The ex-MTV personality has never come across as especially sensitive or regretful. Or sane or fair-minded or anything but awful and selfish and myopic.

We mean, the guy believes the earth is flat.

He’s bigoted and dangerous. But also extremely dumb.

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