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Deavan Clegg Body-Shamed After Weight Gain, Defended by 90 Day Fiance Fans


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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Deavan Clegg has dealt with a lot.

A divorce, a recent tragedy, a messy lawsuit brought against her by a notorious hellclown, and now this:

Deavan was minding her own business when some obnoxious body-shaming trolls decided to go after her recent weight gain.

She didn’t have to clap back. Fans did it for her — and so did some people who would never describe themselves as her fans.

On Friday, Deavan Clegg graced the grand opening of Flawless Medical Spa in Las Vegas.

She ahd boyfriend Topher Park on her arm, posing together on the red carpet after well over a year of dating.

Deavan strutted in a creamy beige dress, showing off her tattoos.

Deavan spoke during the event, relating how a combination of factors led to her weight gain.

During the pandemic, she gained almost 45 pounds.

Stress sources included her divorce from Jihoon Lee and Deavan’s recent miscarriage with Topher.

Deavan shared that she has lost 15 pounds since then and is now embracing her curves.

She still intends to lose weight, but isn’t hating herself or her body either.

Deavan revealed that her secrets to remaining confident are: “Botox, filler, family, and a good man!”

Deavan Clegg body shamed IG October 2021

However, the world is full of cruel people with no brains and no sense of right and wrong.

A blogger hoping to get clout announced that “Deavan needs to lay off the chips and ice cream.”

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That’s not generally how weight gain happens in real life, but what does reality matter when your goal is to be mean?

Fortunately, it’s 2021 and not 2011, 2001, or 1991.

A lot of people are more aware of how the human body works and are sick of normal human bodies being the butt of people’s jokes.

More to the point, a lot of people are more aware that it doesn’t matter what someone else’s flesh prison looks like.

Because of this, more enlightened 90 Day Fiance fans jumped to Deavan’s defense — whether they like her personally or not.

“Hey don’t hate on the chips and ice cream,” wrote one commenter.

That same commenter continued with the suggestion that “she needs a more form fitting dress.”

“I think Deavon is a nice size!” praised another. “Every woman is not bone skinny.”

“If she goes to the plastic surgeon,” that commenter predicted, “then she will be criticized for that too.”

That commenter concluded: “It’s not easy losing and maintaining your weight sometimes. It might be water retention.”

“Who cares about her weight,” a commenter sagely spoke up. “She can be who she wants to be.”

“The issue here is what she’s wearing. The color, the fabric, the fit is all wrong,” opined another.

That commenter then added shadily: “I think she’s lovely otherwise…. physically anyway lol.”

“You’re beautiful! That’s all I have to say about this photo!” praised another commenter, aiming their words at Deavan herself.

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“She looks better actually the weight makes her face a lil better,” another suggested.

“Love her curves,” an additional fan praised.

“Women need to stop with the weight comments,” one commenter spoke up.

“It’s very difficult for a ton of people with the hormones and the cycles and diseases we get,” the comment continued.

That comment concluded: “Just Stop already.”

“I don’t like deaven at all,” one began.

“But,” the non-fan continued, “these comments on here are exactly why she edits her photos so much.”

That commenter concluded: “to make herself look like she’s super thin and a completely different person “

“She looks just fine,” wrote another. “Don’t fat shame.”

There were also body-shamers, tattoo-shamers, and other general weirdos in the comments all across social media.

Social progress doesn’t happen all at once. Some people aren’t interested in being good.


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