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Debbie Johnson Unveils Dramatic Makeover: It’s a New, Sexy Me!


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In two weeks, one of 90 Day Fiance‘s most unique spinoffs returns to Discovery Plus.

Debbie Johnson is single and ready to mingle, starring on The Single Life at 69 years of age.

This is her first time dating in a long, long time.

With that in mind, Colt’s mom gave herself a total makeover and is sporting a sexy new look.

On November 12, we will watch Debbie Johnson and her castmates embark upon their new mission: to find new love.

Unlike the others, Debbie was never part of an on-screen couple despite being a prominent 90 Day Fiance star on multiple seasons.

Like her castmates, however, Debbie has loved and lost and is hoping to find a new partner.

But Debbie is a little older than most of the folks who have appeared on 90 Day Fiance.

At 69 years old, her own son has now married two different women whose relationships were followed by the cameras.

What Debbie decided that she needed was a glow up. So that is just what she did.

Debbie is now sporting longer, dark red hair.

She also received her very first tattoo — a butterfly symbolizing her new freedom and her rebirth.

Since becoming a widow, she spent 13 years in a cocoon … now she is, metaphorically, spreading her wings to fly.

Dating for the first time in forty years (yes, she was married for 27 years) is no small thing, especially on camera.

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In addition to the actual dating, she is learning about blind dates and, yes, dating apps.

So, Debbie is debuting her new look and explaining it all to Us Weekly.

“I decided to sort of start my life over and take it seriously, you might say,” Debbie explained.

“And,” she added, “see what’s out there and give it a shot.”

Debbie continued: “So they let me be on Single Life to see how it goes.”

She shared that her goal in her glow up was to “reinvent” herself.

Debbie explained that she wanted to “go back to me being me.”

This was instead of her “mom type of deal,” she reasoned, referring to how she framed her life and identity around Colt.

“So I wanted to be the more feminine, sexy [me],” Debbie told the camera.

“I guess you can be sexy at 70,” she added.

In addition to the hair, the new wardrobe, and the tattoo, Debbie also underwent some “botox here and there.”

“I had a lot of people making suggestions of what I should do,” Debbie admitted.

“So I was very open to anything anybody had to say. …” she said.

Debbie gushed: “I do [feel sexy].”

Apparently, Debbie 2.0 comes with Colt’s stamp of approval.

“He’s proud of me for going back out there and giving it a shot,” she revealed.

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“Colt [is] married. He’s fine with Vanessa [Guerra],” Debbie said.

While Colt was caught sliding into a fan’s DMs earlier this year, Debbie says that his marriage to Vanessa is good.

“They get along really good, they have a good marriage,” she described.

Debbie recalled: “I thought, ‘This is the perfect time to leave home, get back out there.’”

Debbie Johnson - it's been 40 years (The Single Life s2 preview)

“The reason I decided to do The Single Life is because there aren’t a lot of people on the show that are my age,” Debbie revealed.

“It’s difficult for people, especially at my age, to get back out there,” she admitted. “They don’t know how to do it.”

Debbie concluded: “I thought, ‘Maybe if I can teach a few people, they won’t be so negative about trying it out again.’”


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