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Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood Lose Their Friggen Minds on Teen Mom Family Reunion Trailer


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Tremble and despair, because Farrah Abraham has returned to Teen Mom.

On Teen Mom: Family Reunion, Farrah gets into it with her castmates in some sort of alleged brawl.

We now know that Amber Portwood also has a vicious encounter with other stars.

Now we have a trailer to put all of that into context and tease a whole lot more.

“Hey, everyone, it’s Farrah again. That’s right, I’m back,” Farrah Abraham menaces at the start of the trailer.

“Drama? Me? I have no idea what they’re talking about,” she says sarcastically.

“Get your popcorn ready,” the reality TV villain teases. “This is going to be a wild one.”

the cast assembles on Teen Mom Family Reunion

“Teen Mom has always been a family,” Maci Bookout says during the trailer.

“So,” she reasons, “we decided to get everyone together for the first time ever.”

In other words, it worked for Jersey Shore, so MTV wants to try it here.

the cast poses on Teen Mom Family Reunion

The trailer shows Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, Ashley Jones, Jade Cline, and Cheyenne floyd arrive at the swanky abode.

Meanwhile, Amber Portwood is en route with her ex, Gary Shirley.

Knowing her all too well, Gary asks if Amber has any plans to “pop off” on any of their castmates.

Instead of a normal person’s response, which would be answering in the negative, Amber replies: “Anybody who’s an asshole!”

It’s easy to condemn Amber for that, but there are much better points of contention with her.

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This is what reality stardom is all about sometimes: having no conflict resolution skills.

Amber Portwood gets intense on Teen Mom: Family Reunion

Later, we can see Amber making good on her threat.

It’s hard to see what’s happening, but Amber flies off the handle at one of her castmates.

“I’m the beginning of this motherf–king franchise!” Amber screams in a confrontation.

There are things in this franchise worse than Amber, however, and one of them was part of the show.

We are speaking, of course, about Farrah Abraham.

To quote Ashley: “Who the f–k invited Farrah?”

The trailer was not all drama, all of the time.

Like any reality TV trailer, we also got a look at plenty of “slice of life” moments.

There was wake boarding, there was golfing, there was ziplining, there were even drinking competitions among the cast.

zip lining on Teen Mom: Family Reunion

There is even a very raunchy game of NSFW where no topic, including eating ass, is off limits.

A life coach also makes an appearance to offer some guidance, which leads to an interesting moment.

When Maci declares that she’s “a good mom,” other members of the cast show how much they can relate … but Amber seems to struggle in the moment.

the cast toasts on Teen Mom Family Reunion

Briana appears to have an emotional breakdown and perhaps a breakthrough in the trailer.

“I just want my kids to have their dads,” she expresses.

This is meaningful to Briana “because I don’t have mine and I know what it feels like.”

the cast screams on Teen Mom Family Reunion

At one point, we do see what appears to be some table-flipping during the long-teased conflict between Farrah and her castmates.

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From the sound of things, other people go off on Farrah as soon as she shows up.

Reports say that they were not given any warning that she would be darkening their doors. That’s a nasty shock for anyone.

Briana DeJesus needs a medic on Teen Mom: Family Reunion

Briana also appears to have suffered some sort of medical incident, possibly even collapsing, during the special.

She is shown being loaded up onto an ambulance to receive medical assistance.

Hopefully, this went down out of an abundance of caution. People want drama, not a medical drama.


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