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Farrah Abraham Opens Up Following Arrest: I’m Semi-Paralyzed and Suicidal!


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As we reported earlier this month, Farrah Abraham was arrested for slapping a security guard at an LA nightclub.

Farrah, of course, maintains her innocence, alleging that she was assaulted and handcuffed by the club’s security staff without provocation.

There’s plenty of evidence to the contrary, but Ms. Abraham is sticking to her guns, and she offered her side of the story to TMZ over the weekend.

While standing outside of a U-Haul truck with her father, Michael Abraham, Farrah explained that the incident has essentially ruined her life.

The former Teen Mom OG star kicked things off by saying that while she would love to assist the movers that she hired, she’s unable to do so due to injuries she suffered during the attack.

“I can’t physically… I lost dysfunction in my upper right side of my body,” Farrah told TMZ.

“I was recently actually attacked and illegally cuffed to some guy.”

Abraham went on to reveal that being paralyzed is sort of a bummer, and of course, she threatened legal action against the parties responsible.

“It’s just sad losing function,” she said.

“You can’t illegally cuff someone, basically break their arm, tear everything. Like, it is severe, and I hope I don’t have to get next surgery and a shoulder surgery.”

We’re not sure how an arm can be “basically” broken, but clearly, Farrah is very, very upset by what happened to her.

“I just had such a hard time dealing with it,” she told TMZ, adding that she’s had a difficult time going out in public since the incident, as she’s afraid security would “do that again” to her.

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“I’ve been working so hard on myself this past two weeks since the incident,” said a tearful Farrah.

“I guess it’s like defamation when someone says you touched them and I was actually attacked. It’s just scary,” she added.

“It’s scary to be a woman in that position. I was grateful for the police coming.” 

Farrah further explained that she was supposed “travel and do comedy this year,” but she’s been forced to cancel her plans because she’s “scared of people right now.”

As for the fact that multiple witnesses claim that she was the one who started the fight, Farrah insists that she’s being set up.

“Hearsay is not the law,” the aspiring lawyer explained.

“You can say someone did something, where is the proof?”

Farrah went on to say that the incident left her feeling that she has no choice but to flee her adopted home of Los Angeles.

“I have never had— in the entirety of me moving all over, which I love to move, I love to travel, my Dad knows I have never had it in any other state, any other country,” she told TMZ.

“It’s only been in Los Angeles.”

Farrah didn’t specify where she would be moving to, but the presence of her father in the clip has led many to the conclusion that she’ll be relocating to his home in Austin, Texas, where he currently lives.

As for what’s next for Ms. Abraham, it sounds as though her planned comedy tour has been postponed indefinitely.

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But you can be sure that her upcoming lawsuits against the people she attacked will provide plenty of laughs!

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