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Farrah Abraham: Those Crazy Teen Moms ATTACKED Me on Set!


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Teen Mom: Family Reunion will feature Farrah Abraham’s return to the franchise after four years.

Not everyone is happy about seing the reality TV villain make a comeback, and that includes other members of the cast.

Apparently, things got so bad that the drama turned physical.

Over the weekend, Farrah claimed that her castmates carried out a “physical attack” and admonished them: “Don’t touch people.”

We actually shared news of this incident back in September.

At the time, word had it that Farrah had been involved in a Teen Mom brawl involving the throwing of furniture.

Now, Farrah has addressed the incident … albeit in her own, very Farrah sort of way.

On Sunday, December 5, Farrah Abraham spoke to TMZ about the Teen Mom: Family Reunion drama.

“I think I could walk through the door and drama’s gonna happen, sadly,” she speculated.

At the time, Farrah was walking beside her tween daughter, Sophia Abraham (whose hair is looking amazing by the way).

Reality television thrives off of verbal feuds.

In this case, Farrah reveals that things took a turn for the physical.

“I just warn others to keep their hands to themselves,” Farrah announced.

“Do not sneak attack a woman,” Farrah demanded, “and do not gang up on a woman.”

She explained that people should not be hostile in that manner “because I don’t handle that too well.”

“So,” Farrah said, “that’s kind of what happened to me.”

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When asked to confirm if there was “physical drama” in the incident that she described, Farrah said “Yeah.”

“And I think people should not physically attack you,” she emphasized.

Farrah added: “especially after COVID and every other thing going on in the real world of news.”

“Don’t touch people,” Farrah admonished.

“I don’t live in the past,” she stated in the interview.

Farrah added: “I live in the future.”

This comes after Maci Bookout had already revealed that Farrah had conflict with “everyone, to be honest.”

Maci did not mention any alleged violence.

But, as we said, previous reports had already hinted at this.

Late this summer, it was reported that Farrah got into a physical altercation with multiple cast members.

They had not received any warning that she would be there.

The result was that they had a nasty shock when Farrah walked into the room.

Being shocked and angry at the sight of Farrah Abraham is extremely reasonable for anyone.

She is an infamously bad person, and having to interact with her — for work or otherwise — is a fate that we would not wish on anyone.

Not even on Farrah herself.

However, reports say that the response from some of her castmates was too physically aggressive to be justifiable.

Allegedly, furniture was thrown. That is dangerous, to Farrah and to innocents nearby.

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While it sounds like this will be covered on the actual season, we hope that the must-watch drama does not serve to reward such behavior.

Despising Farrah is natural and justifiable. Attacking her is not.

That said, we are left wondering if there is more to the story, and what the ultimate context may be.

In the mean time, we won’t hold our breath for Farrah to change her behavior to become better liked. She will seemingly never change.


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