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Five Tips To Improve Your Chances of Winning Ludo Game


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Do you enjoy playing board games? Ludo is a popular board game that most of us must have played during your childhood. Did you know you can now play it online as well? In fact, most of the games you played during your childhood can now be played online. All you need to play ludo online is to use the ludo app download option and install it on your smartphone.

You can play ludo online at your convenience and at any time against random players or with family and friends. When you play the traditional ludo board game against the same players, you tend to understand their traits and form a strategy to win against them. In this post, we share ludo tips and tricks that will help you win the game online.

5 Tips and Tricks to be invincible in Ludo online

1. Open All Your Tokens

The most important trick to win the game is to ensure you get all your tokens out of the home base at the earliest. If you move only one or two tokens with every roll of the dice, you are taking unnecessary risks and giving opportunities to your opponents to capture your tokens.

By opening all your tokens, you will get the flexibility to move around the board especially when the number on the dice is low and you can’t save an important token from your opponent based on that number. So, make sure to put all your tokens into action at the earliest.

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2. Spread All Your Tokens On The Board

If you want to win ludo always, make sure to spread all your tokens across the board. When you have your tokens tactically on the board, it helps you move them freely if there’s no opponent nearby. For example, if you have two tokens in the same place that are surrounded by opponents, moving a single token may get it killed instantly. However, with this strategy, you can block your opponents from reaching their homes and win the game.

To practice before you start playing tournaments or games you can choose any ludo app download and install the game on your smartphone. 

3. Have An Attacking Strategy In Place 

Surprising your opponents with your attacking moves is the best part of playing ludo online. If you want to win the game, you need to adopt an attacking strategy. However, you should also calculate the risk before you capture your opponent’s tokens.

Your strategy should include attacking moves on your opponent even if you put your token at risk especially when it is in the first or second quadrant. If your token is the third or fourth quadrant, make sure to attack your opponent only if you have a chance to escape to a safer distance. The safe distance is always seven steps ahead. In short, follow the ‘Rule of 7’ all the time. According to the rule, your opponent is likely to score either a six or one always, reducing the chances of your token being captured. 

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4. Patience Is The Key

You need to have a lot of patience if you want to win the game. For instance, if your tokens are on the star-shaped zones, your opponents can’t capture them. In such cases, if you don’t get a good number on the dice, you should leave your tokens in the safe zone especially if the opponents’ tokens surround yours. Instead, move your other tokens that may be at risk or not in the safe zone. In short, patience is the key to keeping your tokens safe as a wrong move can send your token back to the base and you will have to start all over again.

5. Block Your Opponent’s Tokens

If you are not able to capture your opponent’s tokens, you can try to block them instead. This way, your opponent won’t move past your token or capture them.

The key to winning a game is to ensure you keep a close eye on every token on the board. You will then have to act accordingly. 

Final Thoughts

Ludo has been played for ages in India and now it has just gotten better. Using the ludo app download you can install the game on your smartphone and start playing immediately. That said, use the above mentioned five tips and tricks to always stay ahead of your opponents and win the game.

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