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Getting early treatment for breast cancer aids in a positive prognosis


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Breast cancer ranks as the most occurring cancer in females. About 25.8 per 100,000 women are affected by this disease, with its number expected to increase in the future. Breast cancer is a disease where the abnormal breast tissues replace the normal cells. It is important to screen for breast cancer periodically to help deal with the cancer at its early stages. With appropriate treatment, it is possible to recover completely from breast cancer. The focus of breast cancer treatment in Delhi is to stage the cancer appropriately and curb its growth at the earliest. Doctors generally prefer the removal of the growth or the entire breast to prevent the spread of the cancer cells to other body parts.

Causes of breast cancer in women:

Breast cancer is highly prevalent in nulliparous women (women who have not given birth). Other risk factors for developing cancers of the breast are as follows. 

  • It is common in elderly women after menopause
  • Breast cancer can also run in families 
  • Excess exposure to female harmones
  • Obesity 
  • Lack of adequate physical activity
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Exposure to radiations

Symptoms and diagnosis of breast cancer

Doctors recommend all women perform monthly self-breast examinations to identify lumps and nodes in the breast at their early stages. Breast cancer treatment will be easy if the growth is identified at an early stage. A breast thickening or lump that looks different from the surrounding tissue is an indication of breast cancer. Other symptoms of breast cancer are as follows.

  • The breast looks different in size and shape
  • Dimpling on the skin over the breast. It might look like an orange peel
  • Inverted nipple
  • Discharges from the nipple
  • Scaling, flaking, and crusting of the pigmented skin around the nipple
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Doctors will diagnose breast cancer through a physical examination. To confirm the diagnosis, they will prescribe a mammogram test that is capable of detecting even the smallest of lumps in the breast. If the doctor suspects breast cancer, they will remove some of the breast tissue (biopsy) to study under the microscope. Biopsy is the confirmatory test for breast cancer. 

After identifying the cancer cells, the doctors will grade them. Grades are assigned on the basis of how big the tumor is and whether it has spread to the adjacent lymph nodes and other organs apart from the breast. Breast cancer treatment will depend on the stage of cancer.

Treating breast cancer:

There are different breast cancer treatment options available for patients, and it depends on the stage of the cancer. 

  • Surgery: Most people with breast cancer diagnosis will undergo surgery to remove the tumor. If the tumor is small, doctors would suggest breast-conserving surgery to remove only cancer and some normal tissues surrounding it. If it has grown bigger, the doctors will consider radical, modified, or total removal of the breast (mastectomy)
  • Radiation therapy: This treatment focuses on using high-energy X-rays to kill the cancer cells and prevent them from growing. 
  • Chemotherapy: This is the first line of breast cancer treatment in Delhi and other major Indian cities. In this treatment option, medicines are given to stop the growth of the cancer cells.
  • Hormone therapy: Also known as endocrine therapy, its focus is to stop the growth of tumors by blocking the ability of the body to produce hormones. This will interfere with the action of hormones on the cancer cells of the breast. 
  • Immunotherapy: This is the concept of triggering the immune system of the body to fight cancer cells. 
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What are the risks of breast removal surgeries?

Like other surgeries, there will be pain, bleeding, and risk of infections. However, this is a life-saving procedure that prevents the spread of cancer cells to other body parts. Removal of the tumor or the entire breast eliminates the risk of cancer spread. 

Bottom Line:

Breast cancer treatment in Delhi does not just focus on treating the tumor with drugs or eliminating it through surgery. It focuses on palliative care and on psychological reassurance of the client who will be in fear and disbelief after a cancer diagnosis. The health care team is available at all times to support the clients throughout the treatment and render all the care to handle the condition holistically.

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