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How to Automate Recruiting Processes?


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People are the main asset of any organization. Hiring the right ones defines the further success of the team and business in general.

The crucial point of contact here is the HR department which takes responsibility for candidates’ selection, assessment, and communication during the recruiting process.

More than half of their working time recruiters spend when searching for candidates, evaluating resumes, sorting applications, and answering queries. You can easily automate these processes without affecting the efficiency of recruitment. Moreover, automation can drastically improve the performance of HR specialists.

Here is more on how exactly you can automate recruiting, especially on LinkedIn.

Benefits of recruiting automation

Before integrating any process or instruments into the workflow, you should understand how they can benefit your business. That is how automation in recruitment can improve your daily operations:

  • Make the procedures more consistent at every level of recruitment;

  • Reduce the amount of work for HR specialists;

  • Improve and optimize the collection of data;

  • Increase outreach for open positions;

  • Reduce manual work;

  • Improve hiring rates and attract better candidates.

Where can you apply automation?

The whole recruitment process consists of different steps: starting from applications and ending with onboarding. At each stage, you can successfully implement automation.

Applicant tracking

The first stage allows recruiters to create a database of applicants. Automation here is an indispensable tool that helps organize the process.

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Throughout the recruitment, all HR specialists can see at what hiring stage the candidate is. They can track the progress and access all the needed details.

This way, you know you haven’t missed the perfect match and can contact the ideal candidate anytime.

How exactly can you automate candidate tracking?

  • Create candidate personas using job requirements and skills.

  • Use automation platforms like Linked Helper with a keyword search that will let you download profiles of candidates you are interested in and sort them by tags.

  • Scrape information and profiles of candidates and collect the information in one database.

  • Engage with relevant applicants by sending personalized outreach messages.

Screening and data collection

Before you proceed with the applicants evaluating and scheduling interviews, you should collect as much information as possible. Chatbots are the right way to go. They will help handle early interactions and get answers to all primary questions without spending your time.

CRM is perfect for sorting candidates and collecting information. Consider Linked Helper – an automation tool for recruitment purposes on LinkedIn. It has the built-in CRM to study applicants’ profiles and group them using tags, so it will be easier to contact them later.


With interviews, there are always changes, late confirmations, and unread notifications. To reduce mistakes and bring productivity into this process, use automation. Share calendars with candidates and let them choose the date available.

Sending offers

In big companies, when there is a continuous need for new specialists, even the stage of sending out offers can be overwhelming. To avoid a lot of paperwork, and eliminate errors, automate the task. You can create a sample offer and send it out online to multiple candidates by personalizing it with Linked Helper. Those personalized messages allow to add a human touch and make them sound more special. You can use custom variables to personalize messages and even images.

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Unlike others mistakenly think, recruitment doesn’t end at the offer stage. The major part of an HR specialist’s job is making sure the new employee is well-informed and welcomed in a new position. This involves the delivery of a big amount of details and different kinds of information.

Automation tools can help you create a perfect database with all the necessary information about jobs, departments, and companies in general. You can even make it interactive and add tests or simple quizzes, to make sure a person got everything right.

Recruit on-the-go

Automation allows you to recruit wherever you want whenever you are. For most automated processes you will need to only click one button or confirm an action. There is no need for you to spend the whole day staring at the screen and checking the mailbox for applications.

For example, Linked Helper detects when the candidates replied to your message, and it can send an automated response or leave you with the right to continue the conversion on your own.


The key thing here to understand, automation will not replace recruiters. Its main purpose is to help recruiters decrease the workload and make the hiring process more efficient. Automation leads to more consistent hiring decisions.

A combination of LinkedIn recruitment and automation tools improves the overall company’s recruitment level. Automating can be helpful in any way: posting recruiting campaigns, screening candidates, collecting data, sorting it, engaging with applicants, and even onboarding.

Check out Linked Helper — the perfect LinkedIn automation software that mimics users’ real behavior.

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