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How to maximize space in your property


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One of the most important factors in any property is the amount of available space you have. This is why homes are valued as much on how physically large they are, as on a multitude of other factors – such as location, aesthetics, condition, etc.

The reason for this is simple. Without sufficient space, your home can quickly become irritating or even miserable to live in. When you feel like you can’t stretch out and relax without knocking into bags of your clothes or furniture, you need to find more space within the property.

Of course, this is easier said than done. If you are struggling for space in a small property, then there is only so much you can do to improve the situation. You can’t magically add two bedrooms or a garage, after all.

However, there are certainly ways to improve the situation and make your home more spacious. For example, you can make sure the basic infrastructure of the house is as compact as it can be. Downsizing your cooker, fridge, freezer, air conditioning system, and other essential items can help you to free up wasted space easily. To help you to maximize space in your property, here are a few tips.

Make sure all fittings are tailored to the size of your property.

As this article has already mentioned, if you want to make the most of the available space within your property, then you need to take a look at the details. Often, just by reducing the size of particular items, you can suddenly completely open up a space in a way that you might not have thought imaginable. 

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For instance, you could look into fitting an air conditioning system that fits your particular property better. Many people make the mistake of fitting an air conditioning unit that has a standardized size without checking an AC calculator, which may be ludicrously large for your requirements. Instead, use an AC Calculator to work out what type of unit you actually need.

Create innovative storage solutions 

Another great way to improve the amount of space in your property is to create innovative storage solutions. Often, when people complain about a lack of space within their house, what they actually mean is that they are struggling to store their possessions anywhere. 

Perhaps you have run out of wardrobe room, or you don’t know where to put your children’s toys, so your trip up over them endlessly. It is these seemingly small details that can drive you insane over time, so you need to find clever ways to solve the issue. Perhaps you can fit a bed with storage underneath, incorporate furniture that can fold away or be repurposed (such as bunk beds and fold-out desks), or make use of shelving.

Stick to minimalist furniture 

Finally, you could fit smaller and more space-efficient furniture items. While it is always desirable to have huge sofas and a massive bed, this might simply be too much for the size of your property. Instead, you should consider going for a ‘less is more’ approach to open up space in your home. 


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