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How to Take Care of Scalp After Micropigmentation?


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Scalp micro pigmentation, also called hair tattoo in Geelong, is a revolutionary procedure that creates an illusion of fuller hair. It works for both men and women and relieves those seeking hair thinning and baldness remedies. However, it’s crucial to care for the hair tattoo to maintain the results for a long duration.

In this blog, we shall discuss the steps to care for hair tattoos, so the results stay on for a long time. Keep reading to learn more-

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP), or hair tattoo in Geelong, presents a game-changing solution for hair loss that can transform your appearance and boost your confidence. SMP is a non-invasive and realistic-looking treatment that can achieve the formation of a full head of hair within a few sessions. It involves using high-grade tattoo ink to create dots on bald patches to create the illusion of a fuller scalp. Since the specialists use cosmetic-grade tattoo ink, available in various colours, they can work equally well for grey and white hair strands. So you can even get a white hair tattoo to get an appearance of fuller hair. 

This procedure can help conceal bald patches, and thinning hirlines and add volume to thinning hair. Unlike other hair restoration methods that may require surgery, SMP is a completely safe and painless process that doesn’t involve downtime. You can resume your usual routine immediately following your appointment.

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What is the Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure?

Scalp micro pigmentation is a cosmetic procedure using high-grade ink to tattoo it on the scalp and create the illusion of fuller hair. The procedure typically involves the following steps-

  • Consultation: The first step in a hair tattoo of Geeong is a consultation with a specialist. During this consultation, the specialist will evaluate the client’s scalp and hairline and discuss the desired outcome of the procedure.
  • Preparation: Before the procedure, the specialist will prepare the scalp by cleaning and shaving the area.
  • Mapping: The specialist will use a pen or marker to create a detailed map of the client’s scalp, outlining the hairline and areas where the pigment will be applied.
  • Pigment Application: Using a specialised tattoo machine, the specialist will apply small dots of pigment to the scalp, mimicking the appearance of hair follicles. The specialists ensure to tailor the size and colour of the pigment dots according to the client’s skin tone and hair colour.
  • Layering: The specialist may apply multiple layers of pigment to create a more natural and realistic look. They then repeat the process until they achieve the desired density.
  • Aftercare: After the procedure, the specialist will provide detailed instructions on how to care for the scalp. It is common to experience some redness, swelling, or discomfort in the days following the procedure.
  • Touch-ups: Depending on the client’s desired outcome and the natural fading of the pigment over time, touch-up sessions may be necessary to maintain the appearance of the scalp micro pigmentation.

Measures to Care For Your Scalp After Hair Tattoo Procedure

Aftercare is an essential part of the scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) process, as it can affect the longevity and overall appearance of the pigmentation. After the SMP procedure, taking care of the scalp is essential to ensure the best possible results. Here are some elaborations on each of the aftercare instructions-

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Keep the Scalp Clean and Dry

For the first four days after the SMP procedure, keeping the scalp dry is important. It is because the tattooed area is still healing, and exposing it to water can cause the pigmentation to fade or blur. After four days, you can start washing the scalp gently with a mild shampoo, being careful not to rub or scratch the scalp. It’s important to avoid using hot water, as it can also cause irritation and affect the healing process.

Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight

The sun’s UV rays can cause the pigmentation to fade or discolour, so it’s important to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. If you need to be outside, wear a hat and prescribed sunscreen with a high SPF. Waiting at least four weeks before exposing the scalp to direct sunlight or tanning beds is recommended.

Avoid Swimming and Saunas

Avoid swimming and bathing for the first four days after the SMP procedure. Soaking the scalp in water can cause the pigmentation to blur or fade. Also, avoid saunas and steam rooms for the first week, as sweating can cause irritation and affect healing.

Don’t Scratch or Pick at the Scalp

Scratching or picking at the scalp can cause irritation and scarring and affect healing. It’s important to avoid touching the scalp unnecessarily during the healing process. If you feel any discomfort or itching, it’s best to consult with your practitioner for appropriate remedies.

Avoid Using Hair Products

Avoid using hair products such as hair gels, hair sprays, or hair dyes for at least a week after the SMP procedure. These products can cause irritation or infection in the hair tattoo, affecting healing.

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Follow Your Practitioner’s Instructions

Your practitioner will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions specific to your needs. Following these instructions carefully is essential to ensure the best possible results. It may include avoiding certain activities or using specific products to promote healing and protect the pigmentation. Scheduling a follow-up appointment with your practitioner to check the healing process is also recommendable.

In a Nutshell

It’s important to note that the healing process can vary from person to person. The scalp may take up to four weeks to fully heal, and the pigmentation may appear slightly darker initially before settling into a natural-looking shade. Therefore always follow the directions of your hair tattoo specialist to ensure that the results are long-lasting.

Approaching seasoned scalp micro pigmentation specialists like Lionmane SMP is crucial to get the best and most durable results. Therefore always reach out to competent individuals with ample training and experience in hair tattoos. 

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