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Isabel Roloff Nears Due Date, Says: I’m Proud of These Stretch Marks!


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Isabel Roloff has an important message for all expecting mothers out there.

Heck, for all women in general, really.

The wife of former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff — who is pregnant with the couple’s first child — has long been an advocate for mental health advocacy.

Isabel herself has openly dealt with struggles in this area in the past.

For that reason, the occasional TLC personality posted the above photo of herself on Instagram yesterday.

It features Roloff at 35 weeks pregnant (!!!!!!) and it includes a lengthy caption that opens as follows:

“In the beginning of this journey, I was really hoping not to get stretch marks on my belly. That feels hard to admit.

“I talk about body positivity and self love so much, I feel like a fraud admitting that I didn’t want to get stretch marks. I have them everywhere else on this body of mine.”

The former reality star, who has unfortunately battled with body-shamers often throughout the years, continued in regard to these marks:

“I got them on the back of my calves when I was only eight because I grew so tall so quickly; I had the growing pains every night to accompany them.

“Yet somehow, I thought maybe I’d escape pregnancy stretch mark free. How silly that was something I desired at all. Even after following so many people in this community who normalize stretch marks, they’re still not *fully* accepted or desirable.

“I was allowing myself to believe the lie that I’d be less valuable with them.”

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So many mothers-to-be out there can likely relate to everything Roloff says she’s been going through here.

Isabel hopes she can reach them.

“I know they’re mostly genetic,” she added.

“I know there are lotions and things you can use to diminish them. But the thing is, after eight months of growing this miracle in my belly, I don’t look in the mirror with disgust like I thought I might.”

And here is how she concluded her helpful post:

I look at them with pride. I see them as badges of honor. I did this.

I grew a human. And I have the scars now to prove I did.

Growth, these days, just feels all kinds of beautiful.

Isabel and Jacob are expecting a baby boy in December.

We wish them both nothing but the absolute best.

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