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Jade Cline Slammed By Teen Mom 2 Fans: You’re a Disappointment to Your Daughter!


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Jade Cline hasn’t been on Teen Mom 2 as long as her co-stars have, but she managed to make a splash right off the bat.

She hasn’t drummed up quite as much controversy as, say, Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham, but she still manages to piss a lot of people off just by existing.

The most recent Jade outrage is the result of some revealing photos she posted on Instagram.

And — as is pretty much always the case with social media — some people went way too far with their criticism.

Over the course of the past year Jade got breast implants, a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction.

Obviously, it’s her body, and she has the right to do whatever she wants with it.

Not to mention the fact that reality stars — and Teen Moms in particular — go under the knife for plastic surgery about as frequently as most people go to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned.

But the internet has decided that Jade is an easy target, and so, her comments section was flooded with comments about how she’s a “disappointment” to her daughter, Kloie.

This is an argument that’s often used to throw shade at mothers who dare to demonstrate the slightest human sexuality.

Fortunately, Jade didn’t allow her self to be shamed into silence.

Instaead, she took to Instagram to clap back at the haters with an important message about female empowerment.

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“I show some cleavage and the whole internet loses their minds lol,” Jade told her followers.

“I’m 25. I’m a grown adult. No mother is a disappointment to their child because they have cleavage showing.”

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Jade has a point here.

There are many valid reasons to criticize the behavior that the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise have demonstrated over the years.

But all too often, the conversation has devolved into mom-shaming or hurling appearance-based insults.

And as Jade reminded her followers, such degradation can be harmful not only to the stars of the show, but also to moms in similar situations who might encounter these comments.

“You people are some damn weirdosss. S/O [to] the hot mamas out there always showing love and having self love More hot girl pics coming soon,” she continued.

“I love how when I give you guys the same energy you give me you delete your comment lol don’t comment mean s**t and not be able to take it when I’m mean back.”

Jade’s earlier procedures were documented on the show, and viewers were shocked by the difficulty of her long, painful recovery. 

So we doubt that Jade is planning to go under the knife again, but it also seems that she doesn’t regret tweaking her appearance.

And yet, for some reason, her own followers insist on trying to make her feel bad about the move.

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Fortunately, like the strongest of her Teen Mom predecessors, Jade knows how to let the hate roll right off her back.

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