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Janelle Brown Responds to Christine’s Cooking Show: You Go, Girl!


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As previously reported, Christine Brown just scored her very own spinoff.

The ex-spouse of Kody Brown may or may not appear on Sister Wives Season 17, but we now know for certain that she’ll anchor a cooking show on in the near future.

This exciting announcement was made by both the star herself and also the cable network via a brief Instagram video over this past weekend.

“Get your apron ready! Because Cooking With Just Christine is coming to,” read the post at the time.

christine is with janelle

In response, a majority of Sister Wives fans simply cannot wait to see how Christine fares on her own via a program with her own name attached to the title.

Not just Sister Wives fans, however.

One of the Sister Wives herself, as well.

christine and also janelle b

Earlier this week, Janelle Brown shared the aforementioned 30-second preview on her Instagram Story page, including with it a starry-eyed emoji and three simple words:

“This is amazing.”

We totally agree!

We’ve been clamoring for a Christine Brown spinoff ever since she confirmed her split from Kody on November 2, 2021.

amazing christine

Janelle, for her part, has had nothing negative to say about her good friend in the months since Christine arrived at this stunning decision.

“It’s so weird,” Janellle admitted on stage this past Sunday night on part three of the Sister Wives reunion special, adding of Christine the revised Brown family plural marriage:

“So, now, I have a new text thread that’s just Kody, Robyn and Meri.

“And we have now had to start having conversations about the [Arizona] property and all these things with just the four of us… I feel like somebody’s missing.”

Janelle went on to say on air that it still hasn’t “sunk in” that Christine is gone, having moved back home to her native state of Utah.

This ongoing ordeal has been especially challenging for Janelle because she remains close to Christine.

The two even work together, promoting the same diet plan/weight loss supplement online, often posing together (bellow) and talking up this product and company.

“I feel like maybe it was a good move because she is happier,” Janelle told host Sukanya Krishnan on Sunday, stating simply of Christine:

“She is a lot happier … How can I be sorry for something that she is so happy about?”

Mighht Janelle ever follow Christine out the polygamous door?

She said this past season on Sister Wives that she’s often question plural marriage and asked herself whether or not it still works for her, considering her kids are grown up and out of the house.

“Janelle meant it when [she] said she would leave Kody,” an Us Weekly source alleged in January, citing these quotes from Janelle and even adding back then:

It’s going to happen.”

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