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Jeremiah Duggar-Hannah Wissmann Wedding Date Revealed: Are They Scrambling to Get Married Before Josh’s Sentencing Hearing?


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Earlier this month, Jeremiah Duggar confirmed that he’s engaged to Hannah Wissmann.

The announcement came less than two months after the world learned that Jeremiah and Hannah were courting.

Of course, Duggar relationships have always moved quickly, so the engagement didn’t exactly come as a shock.

Equally unsurprising is the fact that Jeremiah and Hannah are racing to the altar at breakneck speed.

The Duggars have always been secretive about their wedding planning process.

They used to keep dates and venues under wraps for fear that the ceremony would be overrun with fans.

In the wake of the Josh Duggar child porn scandal, however, the clandestine nuptials probably have more to do with avoiding unwanted attention from protesters and other critics.

But if their endless streak of PR nightmares has taught us anything, it’s that the Duggars are very, very bad at keeping secrets.

Case in point, despite their best efforts at keeping things on the down-low, Jeremiah and Hannah’s wedding date is now public knowledge:

Numerous outlets have now posted the graphic below, which allegedly first appeared on a website for guests of Jeremiah and Hannah’s wedding.

Jeremiah wedding date

As you can see, the ceremony is scheduled for March 26.

No information about the venue has been revealed.

Duggars who get married in Arkansas tend to exchange vows at the church the family attends on Sundays, but since Hannah and her family are from Nebraska, it’s possible that the wedding will happen out of state.

Duggar weddings tend to be massive affairs attended by several hundred guests.

As far as we know, Hannah and Jeremiah just got engaged earlier this month.

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding would probably go into convulsions if you asked them to arrange a ceremony for five hundred people with just three months of prep time.

Duggar weddings happen fast, but usually not that fast.

So why is the happy couple in such a hurry to tie the knot?

Well, the answer might have something to do with the fact that Josh Duggar’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for April.

The hearing is sure to renew the public and the media’s interest in Josh’s numerous sex crimes, and Jeremiah and Hannah would probably like to get their wedding out of the way before that happens.

Thus far, it seems that the lovebirds have succeeded in not allowing Josh’s depravity to rain on their parade.

And they’re probably trying to keep that streak going by getting hitched and taking off on their honeymoon before another round of Josh drama begins.

“She said YES!” Jeremiah wrote on Instagram back on January 5, marking the first official confirmation of his engagement to Hannah.

“Hannah, getting to know you for the past year has been so incredible! I can’t even find the words to describe it,” the 23-year-old continued.

“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I cannot wait to marry you. I love you!” Jeremiah gushed.

“Thank you to everyone who helped make the day possible!! The Wissmann family and Jed & Katey went above and beyond to make it special.”

For his part, Josh is still planning to appeal his verdict and thus avoid being sentenced to up to 20 years behind bars.

“We respect the jury’s verdict and we look forward to continuing this on appeal,” Josh’s lawyers said in a statement issued on the day of his verdict.

“We plan to appeal at the appropriate time.”

So we guess Josh and Jeremiah both have something to look forward to.

But unlike a successful appeal for Josh, Jeremiah’s wedding is likely to actually happen.

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