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Jessica Seewald Moves On: Who is Jessa’s Sister Kissing Now?!?


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She may be a rebel.

But now Jessica Seewald has a cause:

To find happiness outside of what appears to have been an ugly marriage.

And, based on the following photo, it sure looks like Jessica is doing pretty well in this regard, doesn’t it?

For those just catching up, Jessica Seewald is the sister of Jessa Duggar, who is married to Jessica’s brother, Ben.

She filed for divorce from her husband of two years in May, stunning loved ones by ending her marriage to Dwight Philip Lester because the Seewalds are also a very conservative family.

As conservative as the Duggars?

No. That’s an impossible bar for almost anyone to clear.

But Jessica, to her credit, has been marching to the beat of her own, far less strict and controlling drum, for years now.

According to reports, meanwhile, she split from Dwight due to the abusive nature of their relationship.

In Seewald’s divorce affidavit, she cited “constant verbal altercations creating an extremely intolerable home environment and causing me great emotional turmoil” and also:

“Financial strain from the beginning of the marriage due to poor money management on part of the defendant.”

Sounds far less than ideal.

Jessica, however, has clearly moved all the way on.

Jessica shared the above snapshot via her Instagram Story, featuring a seemingly new boyfriend planting a kiss on her cheek.

“See you in 12 days,” wrote a happy Seewald across the image.

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Back in August, Jessica was seen vaping and wearing a tight silk dress in photos following her divorce.

She held a vape in her hand in the photo, as she stuck her tongue out and took full advantage of her freedom.

A couple of hours later, Jessica then shared a head-turning photo of herself in a tight silk dress, writing along with it:

“How long until I melt?””

how long till melt

Last month, Jessica also flexed her muscular figure in a sports bra and spandex, truly going out of her way to thumb her nose at her parents and maybe even Jessa’s parents.

As part of her aforementioned filing, Seewald wrote that Dwight subjected her to “personal indignities destroying the legitimate ends of the marriage such that the Plaintiff can no longer reside with the Defendant as man and wife.”

Personal indignities in an Arkansas divorce filing could include a “spouse consistently manifesting such rudeness, hate, abuse and neglect” towards their partner to make life “intolerable.”

We can’t say for certain, therefore, what Jessica was alleging specifically in her documents.

In Dwight’s response to the filing, though, he confessed to “all of the allegations contained” in his ex-wife’s complaint.

“I waive my rights to notice of trial, findings of fact and conclusions of law, a record of testimony, motion for a new trial, a notice of entry of final judgment or decree, and right to appeal,” he told a judge.

Jessa Duggar has not yet commented on her former sister-in-law handsome new lover.

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At this point, though, we’re guessing Seewald doesn’t care at all what she says or thinks.


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