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Jinger Duggar Violates Dress Code in Sexy AF Dress, Sends Message to Jim Bob


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Long before her siblings joined her in openly questioning their parents’ authority, Jinger Duggar was defying Jim Bob’s rules and questioning the more asinine beliefs with which she was raised.

At first, Jinger’s acts of defiance were pretty tame.

In fact, she mostly stuck with violating the ridiculous Duggar dress code.

And even then, she would only break the rules with the permission of her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger has since inspired several of her siblings to seek freedom for themselves.

The most notable example is Jill Duggar, who cut ties with her parents in 2019 and never looked back.

As for Jinger’s relationship with her folks — well, it’s a bit harder to tell what’s going on there.

She and her husband haven’t publicly spoken out against Jim Bob the way that Jill and Derick Dillard have.

And since the Vuolos live in Los Angeles, it’s a little more difficult to tell if they’re still on speaking terms with Jinger’s parents.

But if their latest Instagram pics are any indication, then it seems that Jinger and Jeremy are definitely not worried about earning Jim Bob’s approval.

Jeremy posted the photo above over the weekend, explaining in the caption that it was taken at a friends’ wedding.

“So, we went to a wedding,” Vuolo wrote.

“It made me want to marry @jingervuolo all over again.”

Yes, Jinger may have violated an unwritten rule by wearing white to a friend’s wedding, but it wasn’t her lack of etiquette that had fans talking.

The pic might look pretty tame, but as you can see, Jinger is rocking bare shoulders, which is a major violation of her parents’ ridiculous rules.

And naturally, fans were loving it.

“Dang Jinge, that DRESS,” wrote one commenter, according to The Sun.

“You look so beautiful and stunning!” another added.

“She looks amazing. Never seen her in something so sexy!” a third chimed in.

And this is not the first time that Jinger has publicly flouted her parents’ rules in recent weeks.

Ahead of the wedding she posted the photo above, which was apparently taken during a bridal shower party.

Again, it might look like Jinger is wearing a tame, even modest outfit.

But under Jim Bob and Michelle’s rules, women are not permitted to wear pants.

And before she married Jeremy, Jinger adhered to that rule, rocking long skirts at all times, even when playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities.

“Bridal shower time for the lovely Constanza Herrero,” Jinger captioned the pic.

“I love seeing Jinger in pants! She looks great and seems happy!” one commenter wrote.

“Good for you wearing pants!! Love it!” another enthused.

So yeah, it’s tough to tell exactly what’s going on between Jinger and her parents, and we don’t want to jump to any crazy conclusions on the basis of her attire.

But if her willingness to continue subtly flipping the bird to her absurdly sheltered upbringing is any indication, it seems safe to say that Jinger has no regrets about ditching Arkansas and becoming the first Duggar to make a life for herself on the West Coast.

And based on the comments, it seems that fans absolutely love that for her.

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