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Justin Duggar & Claire Spivey Are Celebrating Something on Vacation: Baby News on the Way?


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Prior to their wedding day, romantic couples in the Duggars’ world aren’t allowed to do much of anything.

They can’t “front hug” or hold hands for a more than a few minutes — they’re not even allowed to be alone together, and all dates are supervised by a strict chaperone.

But after the vows are exchanged, everything changes.

From thay day forward, Duggar couples are encouraged to enjoy as much alone time as possible with the hope that they’ll seize the opportunity to increase the Duggar population.

And in cases where the couple is married but there’s been no pregnancy announcement?

Well, you can be sure those couples are encouraged not to leave the house until there’s a bun in the oven.

Unless, of course, they’re off on a romantic procreation vacation.

This might explain how Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey were able to afford their latest snowboarding vacation in Colorado.

Justin and Claire got married in last year, and they’re currently celebrating their first year of marriage in the Rockies.

(Hopefully, the choice of destination isn’t their way of subtly commenting on the state of their relationship!)

Apparently, these two are regular snowboarding fiends.

We didn’t know that because — well, we don’t know a whole lot about them in general.

At 18, Justin was too young to really take part in the family’s reality shows, and all of the Duggars share less on social media than they used to as a result of the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

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Anyone would want to lay low after something like that.

But the young lovebirds have been posting more than usual in recent weeks with updates about their trip to the mountains.

“Made it to Colorado to spend a few more days of the season doing some snowboarding!” Justin shared on Instagram. 

Claire in Colorado

“Enjoying the quiet stillness of the Colorado mountains!” Claire captioned one post.

There have been rumors that Claire is pregnant with the couple’s child, but if she’s snowboarding, that’s probably not the case.

These two were very young when they married — even younger than most Duggar couples, which is really saying something — so we guess it makes sense that they would wait a while before starting a family.

But they were also raised by members of an evangelical fertility cult, so you can be sure they’re experiencing intense pressure to conceive.

Neither of them appear to be employed, so it makes sense that they would have time to chase the snow north.

But where does the money come from?

Lots of folks have speculated that the trip was paid for by Jim Bob in the hope that Justin and Claire would take advantage of their romantic surroundings and deliver some long-awaited grandchild news on their return.

That’s pure speculation, but the theory certainly makes sense.

Whatver the case, we’re guessing JB would be mighty happy to see these two post a picture of a positive test.

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And we ain’t talking about Covid!

Ol’ Jim Bob doesn’t believe in that stuff anyway.


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