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Kanye West: God Will Destroy Corey Gamble for Being an Illuminati Agent!


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If you thought that Kim Kardashian unfollowing Kanye on Instagram would cause him to mellow out, you haven’t been paying attention.

Ye’s latest bit of outlandish behavior takes aim at an oft-overlooked member of the Kardashian family.

Kanye laid into Corey Gamble, longtime boyfriend of Kris Jenner.

Calling the man “godless,” Kanye appeared to accuse him of being some sort of Illuminati plant tasked with “handling” the Kardashians.

“God has a plan to remove the godless Corey,” Kanye West wrote in a now-deleted, lengthy Instagram caption.

He added that the man “needed to never be here anyway.”

Oddly, Kanye commented: “And I think he’s a nice person. Not a great person.”

Kanye is messy by nature, and didn’t limit his weird ranting to Corey.

He also invoked the names of Sean Combs (whom many of us remember as “Puff Daddy”) and Justin Bieber himself.

It’s not even clear why Ye decided to drop these particular names, except that he clearly couldn’t be bothered to consider other people’s feelings.

Kanye wrote that Corey was a “nice person who used to be around Puff’s family, then got around Justin Bieber.”

He continued: “And then when Kris divorced, he slid in.”

Kanye accused: “He became the TV version of a father figure and as he always called [himself] ‘a REAL n—a.'”

Obviously, no rambling and damaging Kanye rant would be complete without bringing up Kim.

According to him, Corey told Kim “what music she should be listening to.”

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It’s not entirely clear what that means — did Corey order Kim about, or just recommend a song?

Kanye West IG god has plans to remove Corey Gamble ...

Kanye claimed that he “had him removed from my daughter’s birthday party.”

It is assumed that this went down last month, at Chicago’s fourth birthday party.

Removing your child’s grandmother’s boyfriend is sometimes necessary … one imagines … but over a music request?

“We still never met [Corey’s] family,” Kanye went on to allege.

“And I guess we never will,” he added.

We don’t know the story behind that … but there are a lot of very good reasons for which some people leave their families behind.

Kanye then took a turn for the especially unhinged, appearing to allude to a broad political conspiracy.

“He got my wife linked with the liberals in a deep way,” he wildly accused.

Kanye then claimed: “That was his job.”

Before we get to the rest of Kanye’s nonsense, we need to talk about this extremely bizarre claim.

First of all, the Kardashians don’t need a wild conspiracy to, let’s face it, be politically involved in making the country a better place.

Though they are immensely rich, they have enough family and friend connections to the real world to want to see progressive values strengthened.

The second part, the part about it being Corey’s “job,” is the least hinged part of the entire rant.

He is clearly expressing, and not for the first time, an irrational belief in broad, Illuminati-like conspiracy theories.

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Kanye has said as much before, accusing “Hollywood plants” of sabotaging Kim’s legal studies and accusing psychiatrists of medicating him to make him “fat on purpose.”

Back to Kanye’s rant, he did praise the only lady of the Kardashian family who is still following him, writing: “I love Kris.”

He gushed: “This woman is a hero and she’s done what she’s had to do to protect her family and make sure they prosper.”

Ye added: “Even if it meant telling everyone not to listen to me.”

Delivering the most relatable line of his life, Kanye commented: “I respect her grind, her hustle, and her mind.”

He praised: “Kris is one of the best to ever do it.”

The bit about Kris is a whole mood. The rest? Worrisome at best, malicious at worst.

There are two wolves inside of Kanye, so to speak.

One is his very sincere battle with mental illness.

Kanye is bipolar, and has (obviously) not been properly medicated for years.

The second wolf is that, deep down, he is not really a good person.

The combination of the two means that Kanye blurts things out without a filter sometimes … and those things are generally pretty bad.

Bipolar disorder doesn’t make him a bad person, it just makes it harder for him to hide it sometimes.

The reason that we mention this is simple: mental illness is not a moral condition.

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There are millions of people with various mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, who are perfectly good people.

It is so important that we do not bend over backwards to excuse Kanye in a way that villifies the bipolar community.

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