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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Spend His Birthday Together, Are Definitely Boning!


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When news of a possible Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson relationship first began to circulate, the rumors seemed almost too perfect to be true.

Davidson, as you likely know, has long enjoyed a reputation as one of Hollywood’s leading ladies men, and when Kim hosted Saturday Night Live last month, jokes that she would be the next to fall under his spell were a frequent sight on social media.

But sometimes events unfold exactly as everyone expected.

And that’s how you end up with something like a Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson romance — a situation so predictable that’s surprising.

When Kim and Pete were spotted having dinner in Staten Island, onlookers said they appeared to be keeping their rendezvous on the down-low.

(Although it was later revealed that a camera crew for Kim’s new Hulu reality series was on hand.)

Now, however, it looks as though these two don’t care if the whole world knows that they’re banging!

Pete turned 28 on Tuesday, and not surprisingly, he celebrated with Kim by his side.

The rest of Pete’s entourage for the evening was a little more unexpected with Kris Jenner and Flavor Flav rounding out the group.

According to TMZ, the festivities appear to have taken place at Kris’ home in Palm Springs.

And based on the pics, it seems the party was a pretty sparsely-attended affair.

As for the eccentric guest list, Pete is a big hip hop fan, and many have assumed that Kim and Kris decided to surprise him with a cameo appearance from Flav.

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The only known pics from the event come from Flavor’s Instagram page, and it seems the rapper had just as much fun as the birthday boy — if not more!

“Celebrating my adopted son Pete Davidson’s birthday with the legends,” Flav captioned the photo above.

“Pete I never took a clock off my neck to give to someone and you will be the last person I do this for … it lookz real good on you … happy birthday.”

Needless to say, that’s a major moment for a hip hop head like Pete.

The downside, of course, is that one of the biggest rappers in the game is reportedly bearing a major grudge against Davidson, and these pics probably didn’t help.

As we previously reported, insiders say Kanye West is pissed about the Kim-Pete situation.

In fact, West says he’s trying to win Kim back these days, and insiders say the sudden desperation to save his marriage was spurred by his jealousy over her flirtations with Pete.

Unfortunately for Kanye, it seems the situation has progressed well beyond flirting.

Sure, spending your birthday with someone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hooking up with them, but there’s more going on here than the importance of Tuesday’s date.

The SNL season is in full swing, which means Pete had to make a cross-country flight to spend his big day with Kim.

And as a 41-year-old businesswoman and mother of four who’s studying to become a lawyer, Kim probably doesn’t go out on a Tuesday for just anyone.

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So Kanye might want to start coming to terms with the situation now, because it looks like these two are really a thing.

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