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Kody Brown Demands Loyalty from Sister Wives: Show Me Some Respect, Dammit!


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The worst.

Kody Brown is the absolute and total worst.

We’re not certain how any viewer could have any other reaction after watching the latest episode of Sister Wives.

On Sunday night, the TLC reality show took fans back to Thanksgiving 2020, as the Browns acted like a family divided due to Kody’s strict and demanding COVID-19 protocols.

Kody Brown vs. christine

As previously documented on this website, Kody asked Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn to sanitize every item before bringing it into their home, among other guidelines that took these spouses aback.

Due to their resistance to follow every single rule on Kody’s list, the family spent the holidays apart two years ago, back when Season 16 was filmed.

And this is where the most recent episode picked up.

christine and janelle

“COVID has been such a strain on the family, and everybody here at this table has been really easy on me about my rules for COVID,” Kody said in a confessional, adding:

“The contrast has been one of those things that has really just made me aware of those who are loyal to me and those who are not.”

Ah, yes.

Who is loyal to me. That’s exactly the way any loving husband typically talks and thinks.

“It’s as much respect as it is loyalty, I suppose,” Kody continued during Sunday’s episode.

“How you love a man is to respect him. And so I’m sitting here just appreciating where I’m at and who’s with me.”

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Fast forward about a year after this scene was shot and Christine (to her immense credit) finally made it evident that she is NOT with Kody.

At last sick of all his self-centered crap, Christine announced on November 2 that she was leaving her husband after more than two decades in a (miserable) plural marriage.

Janelle, thankfully, wasn’t bothered on air by the implication that she’d somehow betrayed her husband by visiting her family in Utah for Thanksgiving.

“There’s all this discussion about loyalty and respect, and I thought in marriage that was mutual,” she explained.

“I thought you were supposed to give it both ways, not just that all the respect and all the loyalty flows to one person.”

Yes, Janelle. This is accurate.

Janelle went on to clarify that she only went to Utah because she felt as if nothing she did could satisfy Kody’s COVID demands.

“This isn’t me choosing to not be with Kody, Meri, Robyn and Robyn’s kids,” Janelle said during a confessional interview. “We will not ever be compliant enough for their rules.”

Christine, for her part, enjoyed a smaller Thanksgiving and noted that it was “lovely.”

She spent the occasion with her and Kody’s eldest daughter, Aspyn, and her husband, Mitch Thompson.

“It was cozy and no drama,” she said during the installment. “It was really, really great.”

As for Meri, however?

She was distraught.

She broke down on air and said this whole set-up was not how she envisioned her life as part of a polygamous family.

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“This is not how a family should operate,” Meri said. “Listen, I am frustrated with COVID. I am frustrated with being alone [at my home]. It’s just stupid.”

Later, addressing how various members of the Browns went their different ways for Thanksgiving, Meri added:

“That conversation the other day made me so sad. Like, we were not a family. Everybody is just ready to go and do their own thing for the holidays.

“This isn’t the family that I signed up for. Sitting there in that conversation, everybody didn’t seem like they wanted it.”

In closing, Meri confessed that she’s a total outcast. And it sucks.

“It’s this weird thing,” she told the cameras before citing her non-romantic relationship with Kody.

“Am I a sister-wife when I don’t have a husband? I have a husband, technically, but do I?

“It’s weird.”


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