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Kody Brown Shames Christine for Having PMS in Nauseating Sister Wives Flashback


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In retrospect, Sister Wives fans?

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been so surprised after all.

Back when Christine Brown announced on November 2 that she was walking away from awful husband Kody?

If you take a look way back at this TLC reality show, you probably could have seen this coming.

kody christine flashback

Allow us to explain…

In the wake of Kody acting like a total and complete jerk throughout Season 16 of Sister Wives, some fans have been combing through the show’s archives to find other examples of the family patriarch sucking a whole lot.

These haven’t been all that hard to track down.

One, in particular, stands out, however.

On Season 8 Episode 2 (which was filmed in 2014), Kody and Christine stopped by to see friend Chris Bloxham, who runs a Pawn Shop in St. George, Utah.

They did so in order to ask him for a $100,000 loan for My Sister Wife’s Closet, the family’s jewelry business which has been out of business now for years.

Shortly afterward, they met up with one of Kody’s high school friends, Ken Grant, so that he and Kody could go fishing.

This same friend, meanwhile, had just recently sent Kody a text message telling him to divorce three off his spouses.

“He owes me an apology,” Christine said of Ken after learning Kody was going to hang out with him, adding:

“I don’t know why he’s allowed on our family vacation when he’s against most of our family.”

Kody, for his part, explained that Ken simply didn’t comprehend the idea of a plural marriage — something his own actual sister also had trouble processing.

“My own sister doesn’t get that this isn’t about sex . . . so people piss me off like this all the time, so I understand Christine being mad about it,” Kody said on air.

So far, so good and understanding of Kody, right?

However, after Christine continued to ask for an apology from Ken, Kody lost all patience and reason with his wife.

“This is all driven by her pride,” Kody said in a confessional back then. “And now I’m pissed.”

That evening, alone with Christine, Kody blasted her for acting like a “princess” and for spreading “poisons” among the Browns.

Cut to Episode 3 of that season, and this happened:

Kody sat down again with Christine and said she wasn’t being held “very accountable” for her behavior.

He went on to say he was trying to be “careful” around her, but felt as if Christine’s emotions and hormonal changes were becoming more erratic and he didn’t know how to handle it.

“Some people refer to it as PMS, but I don’t know what’s going on,” Kody actually said.

“You would not appreciate my reply to this at all,” Christine shot back, vowing to have a “better attitude,” but asking her ignorant husband not to bring up such nonsense again.

In confessional, though, Christine grew defensive of Kody for some reason, saying he’s NOT a “misogynist pig” and that she welcomed questions about her menstrual cycle.

In a subsequent confessional, Kody said he felt like PMS had been a problem for the past few years, but his spouses had only labeled it as such over the past six months.

“From now on, when you are like that I am walking away,” he told Christine.

“I’m not addressing you, I’m not engaging you. I’m not going to have you rattle me to the core, in every sense of my being, and then act like it’s all okay.”

“I don’t think that it’s all okay,” Christine replied.

“Alright, I’ll try and let it go from here, okay?” Kody responded.

Fast forward about seven years and Kody’s attitude has only grown worse.

Christine has left him.

Meri is frustrated at all times by her relationship.

Overall? All the Sister Wives are miserable.

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