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Kourtney Kardashian FINALLY Responds to Pregnancy Rumors!


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Ever since Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got engaged, fans have been clamoring to know what’s next for the couple.

The obvious answer, of course, is “marriage,” but that’s not enough detail tio satisfy the intenselt Kravis-curious.

They want to know exactly when Kourtney and Travis will get married, just how lavish the ceremony will be, and who will be invited to the wedding.

Specifics about the ceremony have been hard to come by, though it seems certain that Scott Disick will not be invited.

Of course, for all of the fuss over Kourt and Travis’ upcoming nuptials, there’s one mystery that trumps even the wedding questions:

It seems a lot of people really, really want to know if Kourtney will be having Travis’ baby.

Both parties are already parents, but insiders say one of the reasons that Kourt and Trav have been speeding past the usual relationship milestones is that they’re in a hurry to have a little one of their own.

Lots of people are convinced that Kourtney is already pregnant, and they’ve been combing her Instagram page for signs of a bun in the oven.

Obviously, this can lead to some unflattering speculation.

For the most part, Kourtney ignores the more rude, invasive comments, but earlier this week, she felt compelled to defend herself.

Kourtney posted the photo above on Wednesday, and — as happens all too often these days — one of her followers took it as proof that the mother of three is expecting a fourth.

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“Not to be that girl but … is that a [pregnant] belly?” this user asked.

As Life & Style reports, Kourtney promptly answered that question with a question:

“Are we really gonna do this every time I post a photo?” she wrote in a since-deleted reply.

Sadly, this is not the first time that Kourtney has been forced to deal with such absurdity,

Back in August, one of her followers boldly declared, “She’s pregnant” in the comments of one of Kouertney’s pics.

“I’m a woman with a BODY,” Kourtney angrily replied.

Needless to say, it seems Kourt is not a fan of all the speculation regarding the state of her uterus.

Kourtney has been under the magnifying glass more than ever in recent months, and she seems to enjoy all of the positive attention that her relationship is receiving.

But the unwelcome commentary on her physique is quite another story.

Look, it’s entirely possible that Kourtney is pregnant, or that she’ll soon become pregnant.

If and when that happens, we’re sure her fans will know when she wants them to know, not when one of them puzzles it out based on a pic she posted.

In the meantime, she would probably appreciate it if fans would continue to join in the excitement of her engagement and stop with the constant scrutiny of her midsection.

After all, Kourntey already has Scott talking trash about her on social media.

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She doesn’t need her millions of followers joining in the online pile-on.


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