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Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker Tease Fans: We’re Getting Married VERY SOON!


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Ever since Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got engaged, fans have been openly thirsting for information about the wedding planning process.

But not surprisingly, the lovebirds have been tight-lipped about the details.

There are several reasons for this.

For starters, it seems the wedding will be featured on the Kardashians new Hulu reality show.

Since the family was reportedly humiliated by the way Keeping Up With the Kardashians came to an end (rock bottom ratings, minimal promotion from the network), it makes sense that Kourt and company would want their new venture to be a massive hit.

And since the wedding is sure to be the main event of Season 1, it makes sense that the future Mr. and Mrs. Barker would be keen to the details to themselves.

That said, they also want to keep the public’s anticipation at a fever pitch, which might explain why Kourt and Travis are always dropping hints about how soon they plan to get hitched.

Over the weekend, the couple attended the wedding of Simon Huck and Phil Riportella’s wedding reception.

And we probably don’t need to tell you that these two turn basically ever event into an unofficial photoshoot.

Travis posted the photo below on Saturday and while many fans offered the usual compliments about “cleaning up nice,” most were fixated on Barker’sm suggestive caption.

“Our turn next,” the Blink 182 drummer wrote.

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Yes, Travis makes it sound like the wedding is right around the corner — in in all likelihood, it is.

Despite reports to the contrary, Travis and Kourtney have not revealed their wedding date, but it sounds like the venue and the caterer are already booked.

If these two really want their nuptials to be featured in the Kards’ new show, then they don’t have a lot of time to waste.

Season 1 has already started filming, and the other storylines are already taking shape.

Witnesses say cameras were present when Kim Kardashian met Pete Davidson for dinner in Staten Island.

Similarly, when Scott Disick turned to Kris Jenner for support earlier this month, the moment was documented for the Hulu series.

So yeah, not only are Kourtney and Travis motivated by a desire to boost ratings, we’re sure Kourtney doesn’t want to come as “the boring sister” yet again.

And insiders say the ball is already rolling on the wedding storyline, as Hulu cameras were on hand when Travis poppsed the question.

“The engagement was filmed for the new Hulu series, it’s going to look amazing,” a production source told Us Weekly.

“Travis spent forever getting the details right. Kourtney was very surprised at the timing. They both have talked about their wedding and engagement before but Kourtney was very surprised.”

As for the wedding over ther weekend, insiders say Kim delivered the wedding toast, and a camera crew was on hand for that occasion, as welll.

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“When Simon asked me to speak, I was a little bit confused because I haven’t really figured out this marriage thing myself,” she joked.

“So I don’t know what kind of advice he thinks I’m going to give to you guys tonight. … I know that this is gonna work. I know real love when I see it.”

Hopefully, Kim is holding on to some of her best lines for Kourt and Travis’ wedding, too.

Something tells us she’ll be needing them sooner rather than later.


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