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Lala Kent: Guys, Randall Emmett Cheated on Me SOOOO Many Times!


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Lala Kent just spilled all the tea on her split from Randall Emmet.

And we’re not talking any the iced variety, either.

We’re talking about some scalding hot tea that aims to expose her ex for the lying dog she believes him to be.

Indeed. Buckle up, folks!

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, the Vandepump Rules veteran claimed that Randall Emmett cheated on her a whole bunch of times, saying the unethical acts had been “going on for quite some time” before their split this past October.

“It’s been kind of repeated behavior that I have found out about,” Kent alleged to host Andy Cohen.

“And it’s not just one person — it’s many.

“I believe it started after I got sober, and it’s just … I don’t know how I didn’t see it.”

Word of Kent and Emmett ending their engagement emerged this fall, at which time speculation ran rampant that Randal had been unfaithful.

About a month later, leaked text messages very much seemed to back up this chatter.

Speaking to Cohen yesterday, the Bravo star went on to claim that red flags about Emmett’s behavior included “constant phone use” and simply “being done all the time,” as she explained:

“It was glued to him. He couldn’t even go into a massage without his phone on him, and he was very funny if I would get anywhere near the phone.”

“But I just figured, who would creep around with him?” Kent added, laughing. “I really thought that.”

In the months since they went their separate ways, Lala has dragged Randall on many occasions.

She has said he bought her a fake engagement ring.

And she has said he’s a joke in bed.

Kent and Emmett, 50, share one child together: a daughter namedd Ocean, who was born in March of last year.

Emmett also has two other daughters from a previous marriage.

“[Randall and I] communicate through an app and it has just to do with Ocean; there was no closure at all when it came to my relationship and exiting it,” Kent told Cohen.

“So Ocean is the main focus, and that’s how we communicate. If it doesn’t have to do with her, then I have no desire to communicate with that person.”

Lala may not have seen the aforementioned red flags at the time, but she said on the talk show that the pair had already agreed to a prenuptial arrangement prior to splitting up.

“I was always very concerned about that because, you know, I’m only 31,” she said, revealing that she’s “satisfied” with the prenup’s terms.

“Who knows what my future holds? And I just didn’t ever want him to be able to have any piece of what I could potentially have in the future.

“I just wanted it to be exactly what I said on the show, ‘What’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine. And I just want you out of my life.'”

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