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Lamar Odom to Khloe Kardashian: Wish I Could Hug You! Sorry Tristan’s Such a Jerk!


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It has been just over a week since Tristan Thompson confessed to fathering another child while cheating on Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe’s world has once again been turned upside down.

Meanwhile, a lot of people who love and care about Khloe are obviously hoping to emotionally support her.

Ex-husband Lamar Odom is no exception, praising her for her strength while trashing Tristan.

TMZ caught up with Lamar Odom this week to check in with him and where things stand with his ex-wife.

“I’m chilling,” the famed basketball player described. “Just working.”

When it comes to Khloe, Lamar admitted: “I haven’t been fortunate enough to reach out to her.”

“It’s too bad, but she’s gonna be alright,” Lamar affirmed to the camera.

Appraising his ex-wife, he added: “She’s a strong girl.”

Some might think that Khloe is “weak” for being cheated on, but love, relationships, and heartbreak are more complicated than that.

So, he was asked, what would Lamar say if he saw Khloe again, given the circumstances of her life right now?

“First, I would give her a hug,” he admitted.

Lamar added: “I haven’t seen her in a long time.”

Beyond that, Lamar said that he would counsel Khloe to “be strong, keep her faith in God, and be strong for her daughter.”

It is speculated that Khloe may have felt motivated to stay with Tristan despite his cheating for True’s sake.

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But Lamar’s words imply real wisdom here: what Khloe puts up with from men will make an impression on True for life.

When asked what Lamar would say to Tristan if given the chance, he takes on a much sharper tone.

Without skipping a beat, Lamar says: “dude is corny for that.”

That is a deliberate understatement, but corny in this context has a harsh meaning — that Tristan’s behavior was cringe and embarrassing.

Lamar does not jump at the chance to beg for Khloe to take him back now that she’s done with Tristan.

Instead, he says that “just to be around her would be a blessing.”

However, he has no plans to move to Los Angeles, and is happy residing in Atlanta.

Lamar clearly understands that this is a complicated time for Khloe, so he’s not saying anything to try to force a response from her.

He himself has admitted to cheating on her — though their marriage is long in the past.

Tristan was not Khloe’s only romance after they split, but he was her most serious relationship following her divorce. Arguably, her most relationship period.

Unlike Tristan, Lamar did not father a child with Khloe or with any side pieces when he was cheating on her.

That bond, though an incredible gift in Khloe’s life, has also made Tristan’s unfaithfulness more painful.

Had they not had a daughter together, many believe that Khloe would have kicked Tristan to the curb in 2018 and never looked back.

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No one is saying that Khloe getting back with Lamar would be the best thing for her right now.

Though he has clearly learned and grown a lot, Khloe’s next man should have NO history of cheating. Obviously.

It’s not likely that Khloe will hear Lamar’s comments and reach out to him, but the sentiment is nice nonetheless.


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