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Picture Car Rental – Perfect Exotic and Luxury Car Models for Photo and Video Shoots


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Typically, a picture car rental company has a huge list of cars that you can choose from. They range from super luxury Rolls-Royce and Bentley models to exotic super sport Ferrari and Lamborghini models. However, some specific models contribute to perfect shots that last forever. If you are looking for exotic and luxury car models for a perfect photo and video shoot, here are the top examples.

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail as a Picture Car Rental

Behold, the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is the epitome of luxury and fashion for those who value perfect photo and video shoots. Many picture car rental companies may not have this car on their list, but they will source one for you on demand. It is one of the most expensive legal cars, which makes it very rare. It is a perfect car for your influencer or modeling photos, music video shoot, or any other. 

Bentley Continental GT

All modern Bentley models score almost the same in regard to aesthetics, performance, and safety. But there is something unique about the two-door Continental GT when it comes to photo and video shoots. If you check any reputable picture car rental website, they highly recommend this model for its aesthetics whether you are looking for wedding photographs, a date photo shoot, social media shoots, or even videos. 

Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2

All Ferrari models including the classic models are aesthetically attractive and can make perfect photo and video shoot cars. However, the Monza SP1 and SP2 have a more unique appearance that will compel you to consider them when making photos and videos. Apart from the long hood that makes it a monster, it has no windshield or roof, and the doors open upwards, giving you a lot of options when posing for shots. Ask your picture car rental company to get you one in a flashy color for the best results. 

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Lamborghini Aventador S as a Picture Car Rental

Lambo models are also great for photo and video shoots, and picture car rental companies have all the latest models. As you check, consider the Lamborghini Aventador S because it is more appealing. Just like the Ferrari, its doors open upwards, and the hood curves downwards, making it great for social media photos and music video shoots. 

Mercedes-Benz SL 

Many people associate Mercedes with luxury even in their standard cars. Indeed, this German brand has made a good reputation. But if you are looking for a picture car rental, consider the vintage SL series, especially one that has been modified to open the doors upwards and has a bright leather interior. Many rental companies will get you this model for your shoots, and you will definitely have a memorable time. 

Aston Martin DBS

These vintage models will take your photo or video shoot to the next level. It will make you feel like the James Bond of your time, especially among your fans on social media. Ask a picture car rental company to get you a well-maintained DBS with shiny colors to give glam to your photos. The photographer will do the rest. 


Your photo or video shoot does not have to be dull because picture car rental companies have numerous options for you. Most people go for the options we’ve shared, but you can choose any other luxury car of your choice including SUVs such as a G-Wagon or Urus or even a limo. Choose well to have an enjoyable session and forever memories.

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