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Leah Messer: My Kids Love Jaylan Mobley as Much as I Do!


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When Leah Messer revealed that she’s dating Jaylen Mobley back in September, Teen Mom 2 viewers couldn’t have been happier.

Leah has been notoriously unlucky in love, and as she’s taken pains to turn her life around in recent years, fans have rooted for her to find the romance that seemed to be the final piece of her happiness puzzle.

Now, with Jaylan, it looks as though Leah might be on the verge of making another trip down the aisle.

And there’s reason to believe that when it comes to marriage, Messer’s third time could be the charm.

For starters, Leah’s life is far more stable than it was when she got hitched the first two times.

On top of that, it seems she’s found herself a more suitable mate this time around.

Leah still gets along with her first two husbands, and Corey and Jeremy both appear to be both top-notch dads.

But the guys she’s dated in the years since her second divorce haven’t been up to snuff.

So it seems that the mother of three has snapped a lengthy losing streak by settling down with a guy who’s worthy of the new and improved Leah.

Insiders say they’ve never seen her happier — but perhaps the most important thing about this relationship is that Jaylan has earned the approval of the most important people in Leah’s life.

We’re talking, of course, about her three daughters.

In past comments, Leah has made it clear that she refuses to get seriously involved with any man who doesn’t get along with her girls.

In fact, she’s said that when it comes to who she dates, their opinion is more important than her own.

So from the start of Leah’s new relationship, fans have wondered if Jaylan passed the test.

And over the weekend, Leah delivered the good news with pictures instead of words.

It seems that Jaylan spent the night at Leah’s house on Saturday, and on Sunday morning, he joined her and her youngest daughter Addie to prepare breakfast.

Leah documented the occasion, captioning her post, “I love them babies!”

So yeah, it seems that Leah and Jaylan are already saying “I love you” to one another!

We say “already” on the assumption that this relationship is only a few months old, but really, only Leah and Jaylan know exactly when they started hooking up.

And that’s the only secret these two are keeping.

Recently, there have been rumors that Leah and Jaylan are secretly married.

Some have even gone so far as to claim that Leah is pregnant with Jaylan’s baby.

All of that is probably just fans jumping to the most dramatic conclusion, but it’s interesting that both Leah and Jaylan have been tight-lipped about those reports in recent weeks.

Leah denied the pregnancy rumors when they first surfaced back in September, but she’s been avoiding questions about the state of her relationship for the past month or so.

Could that be a sign that she and Jaylan haveb taken a secret step forward?

Probably not, but if Ms. Messer’s daughters love this guy as much as they seem to, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear an engagement announcement sometime very soon.

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