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Lindsay Lohan: ENGAGED to Bader Shammas!


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By the time she was old enough to vote, Lindsay Lohan was one of the biggest stars on the planet.

But we probably don’t need to tell you that her life hasn’t been following the tradtitional A-lister trajectory in recent years.

Failed reality shows, weird foreign business ventures (with the weird fake accents to match), and a whole lot of brushes with the law took LiLo from headliner to punchline.

But insiders say Lohan is planning a comeback in 2022, and it seems she’s getting an early start by ending ’21 on a high note!

Yes, Lindsay took to Instagram Sunday morning to announce her engagement to fiance Bader Shammas.

“My love. My life. My family. My future,” Lohan captioned a photo of herself and Shammas.

As you can see, Lindsay’s massive new rock is on full display.

Little is known about Shammas, other than the fact that works in finance as the Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse in Dubai.

Lindsay has been living in Dubai for the past seven years, and she’s been dating Shammas since 2018.

“Lohan’s relationship with Bader is going strong. She has been with him for about two years now.

“He is a legitimate guy. He’s not an actor, he’s not in the entertainment industry, he manages funds for high net worth people at Credit Suisse.”

On Instagram, fans were overjoyed by the news, and Lohan’s post racked up over 800,000 likes in just 24 hours.

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“So happy to see you happy! Love you Lindsay,” one follower commented, according to UK tabloid the Mirror.

“Congratulations @bader.shammas you both have found your soul mates wish you both a life time of happiness health and love.”

Lindsay has been pretty tight-lipped about her personal life in recent years, but insiders say that may soon change as the former child star seeks to reintroduce herself to the public.

Sadly, there’s no truth to the rumors that Lindsay will be starring in The Real Housewives of Dubai (at least not for the show’s first season).

But the 35-year-old Mean Girls actress is planning to regain her place as one of Hollywood’s best-known actresses.

As recently as last year Lindsay was planning to move back to America, but sources say her plans were complicated by Covid.

And now, her plans may have been furhter complicated by her love life.

We suppose it’s possible that Shammas might be willing to uproot his finance career and make a fresh start of it in the US, but it sounds like he’s the breadwinner in the relationship, so that might not be the smartest idea at the moment.

Whatever the case, it sounds like this couple is sufficiently well-heeled that Lindsay will be able to make trips to New York and LA for auditions when the need arises.

But hey, listen to us getting bogged down by details.

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The important thing is that these two found love, and hope they’ll be happy together for many, many years to come.

LiLo’s been through a lot, and we can’t think of anyone in Hollywood who’s more deserving of an epic second act!


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