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Mackenzie McKee Excluded from Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In Spinoff


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Last year, Mackenzie McKee was not invited to the Reunion with other Teen Mom stars.

This is part of a pattern of hers, and this hurtful situation is one of her own making.

Mackenzie’s hard-earned unpopularity has cost her again.

This time, she was not invited to the newest part of the franchise, Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In.

In December, MTV announced this new, simple spinoff.

It involves a set of four stars from the franchise watching and reacting to the show.

Think of it as Teen Mom‘s answer to 90 Day Fiance‘s Pillow Talk. It’s a natural way to get more views with very few added costs.

Teen Mom Girls' Night In promo pic (January 2022)

Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In will feature four stars of the franchise.

Cheyenne Floyd, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, and even Amber Portwood make up the “panel” of on-screen viewers.

Additionally, the network has teased “surprise appearances” … but it is strongly suspected that this refers to children and even husbands.

Mackenzie McKee IG was not invited to Teen Mom OG Reunion

Now, it’s possible that Mackenzie could show up on the show at some point.

However, things really soured between her and the rest of the cast last autumn.

In fact, things have been pretty rough for Mackenzie in terms of how her castmates and viewers see her for about a year.

Mackenzie was, by her own admission, “left out” of the Reunion last year.

She advised that everyone who feels excluded as she does remember that feeling so as not to exclude others.

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But that is not really an explanation for why she was iced out of such a big event.

Mackenzie McKee IG being left out is all good

Generally, reality stars not getting along is not a deterrent to them filming together.

Sometimes, things get too intense, and production has to pause or find another direction if two people refuse to speak.

But Mackenzie simply disagreeing with castmates is not enough to keep her or them off of the show.

However, in January of 2021, Mackenzie ignited a firestorm of condemnation when she referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “colored.”

Just three weeks after the deadly insurrection when a deranged mob attacked the American seat of government, Mackenzie’s focus was on the new VP.

She wrote on social media that there are other “colored women” to admire who are not Kamala Harris.

There are valid criticisms of the Vice President and there are many admirable women of color in the world.

But “colored” is how we refer to pencils or markers, not to human beings.

The reason is history — because “colored” was the word on bathrooms and drinking fountains during the vicious era of segregation.

However, it’s not entirely clear that Mackenzie being on the outs from everyone is entirely due to this.

It’s not confirmed but strongly suspected that the prospect of filming her around other cast members would be unsafe.

It’s not about fighting or racism. It’s about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mackenzie McKee complains about vaccinated crew

Last spring, Mackenzie was complaining that the crew filming her were vaccinated.

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She claimed that being around vaccinated people was somehow impacting her health negatively.

That’s nonsense, but it’s also a sign that Mackenzie might refuse to take the necessary precautions to safely film around others.

It’s weird to see her feeling sorry for herself in public posts when she is the one who decided to do that.

Every year, many Americans make difficult choices due to time constraints or financial worries.

But the vaccines are literally free, and we’re sure that Mackenzie can afford other precautions. It seems like she’s choosing to be impossible to work with.


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