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Master These Rummy Strategies to Skill up The Game Today


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Rummy, the most revered card game in the world after Poker, is a show of sharp mind and swift move. The idea of the game is very simple and clear. The dealt cards have to be matched and arranged into melds and declared. Whoever creates the correct melds first, emerges as the winner. Given the fun quotient and challenging variations, this game has grown from being the heart of every Indian party to gaining massive momentum online on websites and apps. The greatest benefit of playing rummy online in addition to the ease of playing anytime from anywhere is the opportunity to earn some handsome money as prizes and rewards. Given a large number of Rummy Variations and online rummy tournaments being held now, one can easily transform the rummy game hobby into a sidekick for some income. All that is needed to get started is a phone or a laptop, a stable internet connection, and an app or website login. But before jumping in, it’s always advisable to brush up on some basic game details, rules, and Rummy Strategies. Spare a couple of minutes to read through carefully! 

Decoding the Essence of Rummy

Rummy is generally a 13 card game that is played between 2-6 players with a single deck of cards. Another variation of 21 card Rummy involves 2 decks of cards. The deck has one printed Joker and another random card is designated as a joker at the beginning of the game. This is nothing but a substitute card for players to play. As mentioned above, out of the 13 dealt cards, the players have to form a minimum of 3 sets or melds, out of which at least one ought to be a pure meld. These sets are a group of 3-4 cards that are arranged either in the order of rank, sequence, color, or suit. A meld is said to be a pure meld when it is formed without the help of a substitute or joker card. The remaining cards are stacked into an open and a closed deck. Upon each player’s turn, he/she draws one card from the open or close deck and discards one card from possession. The one who completes forming the melds first including the pure sequence calls out a declaration and wins the game. 

Variations in Online Rummy 

Though people of all ages have loved playing the 13 cards traditional rummy, the online versions have made it more intriguing and challenging by introducing the latest variations like the Point Card Rummy, The Indian Rummy, The Pool Rummy, Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy, and many more. These are nothing but European, American, and African variations of the game that multiply the fun of playing. 

Some Tips & Tricks to Ace the Game

Playing Rummy is all about strategizing, timing, and observation. 

  • Always aim for the pure sequence first. Since it is mandatory to have one pure sequence, forming it will secure the position.
  • All cards have point values assigned. The number cards have value the same as the numbers. The face cards have higher values. Try to replace or discard the face cards to keep the point load in check. In case of losing, it’ll reduce the money lost. 
  • Make a declaration only after double-checking the melds. An invalid or false declaration will not only cause loss of money but also might get the player disqualified.
  • Arrange and keep the cards in hand properly so that each card, its color, number, and the suit is clearly visible. Visibility of cards will mitigate the risk of forgetting any card and make moves swifter. 
  • If certain that cards are not worthy of playing and winning quit at the right time. The points to quit go on increasing with each round. Save up on the losses there. 

All said and done, do not forget to check the stability of the internet connection. Getting stuck or thrown out may cause disqualification and a hole in the pocket. Gather friends and give it a try today!


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