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Memphis Sandoval Comes Clean About Ex and Hamza FREAKS on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days (Sneak Peek)


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These days, it is rumored that Memphis and Hamza have split despite recent speculation that they were returning for another season.

As we are all very aware, both may be true: many couples find that their love stories crumble over time.

On Sunday’s new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Memphis is left stunned by Hamza’s cold feet before the wedding.

Even so, she comes clean about a secret that she has been keeping from him … and it all blows up in her face.

Memphis Smith warns Hamza that if they don't marry this trip, it's over

As we all recall, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days sort of goofed up on episodes 9 and 10.

Perhaps as part of their effort to scrub Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha from the show, viewers saw different footage in the same episodes.

Discovery Plus viewers, for example, saw Memphis and Hamza’s Episode 10 footage twice, starting during episode 9.

Hayet - you need many months to get to know someone

In the episode, Hamza was getting cold feet even as he began wedding preparations.

His mother has been divorced, which brought tremendous stigma into her life.

He and Memphis need to be sure, and they have both seen red flags.

Hamza - she told me to sign this paper

Another concern of Hamza’s was Memphis’ insistence upon a prenuptial agreement.

Memphis is an American and a Millennial, putting her in a demographic where prenups are very common, albeit not standard.

To Hamza, it is much more unusual, and struck him as a sign that she does not trust him and is not fully committed.

Ingrid to Memphis Smith - so he hasn't crossed that threshold of maturity

Meanwhile, Memphis was psyching herself up for a difficult conversation.

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Speaking with her foster sister, Ingrid, she admitted that his immaturity issues were a major red flag.

However, she had her own secret that she had not yet told him.

Memphis Smith (finally) worries that her man is like another child

Memphis is good friends with her ex. Even though they divorced, they co-parent peacefully and get along well.

She briefly stayed at his house, as a friend, early during her relationship with Hamza.

While that might sound like literally nothing, especially when a shared child is involved, Hamza is from a different culture.

Memphis explains to Hamza the importance of respecting his mom, knowing one another

In Hamza’s culture, and perhaps in all of Tunisia (we would hate to generalize from just a few people), former spouses are not friends.

When Hamza’s parents divorced, his father never interacted with his mother again.

Memphis’ fear is that Hamza will have trouble imagining exes spending time together, let alone the night, without having sex.

Moknii Hamza - big boobies, Memphis

We all know that Hamza finds Memphis very sexually appealing. Sometimes, desire breeds jealousy.

Memphis knows how Hamza feels about divorced exes. She knows that he deserves honesty if they’re going to marry.

But she is obviously afraid that he will not respond well to this.

Ingrid to Memphis Smith - you need to come clean

With Ingrid’s encouragement, Memphis resolved to tell Hamza.

She goes to meet Hamza on the rooftop, with a scenic view as the backdrop for her big confession.

But before Memphis can tell him, Hamza had his own confession.

Hamza - rushed into deciding to get married

As the episode ended, Memphis was totally blindsided by Hamza.

He told her that perhaps they were rushing into getting married.

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Memphis, who had traveled all of this way to marry him and had vowed to end things if they did not marry, was shocked.

Memphis Smith is visibly baffled and upset

In this sneak peek clip of Season 5, Episode 11, Memphis has to do two things.

First, she has to recover from Hamza wanting to delay their wedding.

Second, she still has to tell him about crashing at her ex-husband’s place.

Memphis Smith is not so sure that their antics went unnoticed

So, Memphis confesses.

“I was feeling kind of down and he said that I could stay at his house,” she admits.

“So,” she explained to Hamza, “I spent four nights at his house but nothing happened sexually.”

Hamza - I am sad

Hamza asks Memphis is she is “crazy,” totally blowing up at her and declaring “f–k this s–t!”

He storms away while Memphis calls after him.

“Memphis f–ked me over,” Hamza explains to the camera. “And now I’m reconsidering marrying her.”


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