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Meri Brown: Drunk AF in New Facebook Video?!?


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Meri Brown is over 21 years old.

And she’s stuck in a marriage to Kody Brown.

These are both reasons why we’d understand if the Sister Wives drank alcohol and why we’d neverr judge her for it.

Heck, considering the latter fact? That she must see Kody’s face on a near-daily basis? We’re shocked Meri isn’t drunk 24/7.

This is only relevant because Brown filmed her weekly Fridays with Friends Facebook session late last week, checking in with her usual followers in the same way she does every week.

Well, almost the same way.

A couple things were different on January 21.

First, Meri recorded the Q&A from Disneyland in California, having touched down there on a business trip for shady company LuLuRoe.

Second, she appeared to be totally wasted on camera!

Meri was with a pal on camera while admittedly “having a party,” as she she told observers, walking around a gigantic outdoors shopping center amid a pretty big crowd.

“Are you drunk? Or just having fun? Or both?” asked one viewer of the footage.

“I was wondering the same thing,” someone else remarked, adding: “She must be under the influence.”

For the most part, fans were simply curious. They weren’t judging Meri if she was, indeed, intoxicated.

Heck, Brown just turned 51 and, as cited previously, she’s trapped in a loveless marriage.

She should be throwing some back every single day, you know?!?

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“Do you know how hard it feels to be … I am an outsider, Robyn,” Meri told her fellow sister wife on a recent episode of this TLC ht, explaining in a subsequent confessionall that she no longer has any connection to Kody.

“No, I don’t feel like I am part of the Brown family. It’s this weird thing,” she explained on air.

“Am I sister wife when I don’t have a husband? And I have a husband, technically, but do I?

“It’s weird.”

Prior to this admission, Meri told Sister Wives viewers that her romance with Kody was dead. He had just made that perfectly clear.

“My relationship with Meri is not the type of relationship where I’m going to talk to her every day,” Kody came out and said, while Meri confirmed this marital dead end as follows:

“Kody and I — we had a conversation recently, that kind of came down to, ‘We’re friends.’ Which I guess is a good thing.”

It is? Are you certain, Meri? It didn’t sound that way.

“I guess I just have hope for more than that,” she added at the time.

“Kody has said some things to me more recently that leads me to believe that there’s no repairing our relationship.

“There are days when I get very, very discouraged. Then there are days that I have so much hope.”

Sheesh. Poor Meri.

Despite all the challenging times, Meri has vowed that she will not leave the family, concluding on this same Sister Wives episode:

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“If I quit, if I walk away, it’s not going to get better.”


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