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Michelle Young Exploits Her Students, Offers Clayton Advice on Being The Bachelor


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ABC has released footage from this Monday’s season premiere of The Bachelor, revealing that Clayton Echarrd was greeted by a surprise guest when he arrived at the California mansion many weeks ago.

(Editor’s Note: Clayton was clearly not surprised for real. This was all very scripted. But we’ll go along with it like producers would like us to.)

“Well, hello there,” very recent Bachelorette Michelle Young says to Echard in this deleted scene, walking up to her former suitor by the pool.

“It’s good to see you!”

Clayton pretend to be taken aback by this cameo, as the pair then make their way to an outdoor sofa.

“I’ve felt a whole rush of emotions, you know, like, I’m so excited but I’m also so nervous too,” Clayton tells Michelle.

“Like, the closer I get to it starting, I’m like, ‘Oh.’ I’ll take a few deep breaths and hopefully that’ll be enough.”


Young tries to assure her quasi ex that the process really “does work,” pointing to the engagement ring on her finger, courtesy of Nayte Olukoya.

“You are so ready for this. I can tell that you’re ready,” Michelle a man she barely knowds at all.

“You’ve been ready, you have a wonderful family supporting you.

“I’m supporting you, I’m cheering you on, and, like, everyone’s going to want Clayton to find his person.”

Echard, of course, was eliminated very early on Young’s season.

His casting has stirred up quite a controversy because executives chose NOT to make one of Michelle’s finalist the next Bachelor, presumably because all four of her finalists were men of colorr.

From here, Michelle brought out two special guests, her students Kelsey and Luke, each of whom shared very awkward well-wishes for Clayton amid his new reality TV journey.

“Once you got sent home, I knew you were going to be the next Bachelor,” Kelsey told the former football player after greeting him with a big hug. “I knew it!”

No offense to young Kelsey, but this is perhaps the most ridiculous line ever uttered on this franchise.

We somehow doubt the little girl watched The Bachelorette… witnessed Clayton’s 8 minutes of screen time… and predicted on the spot that he’d be cast in this role.

Come on, ABC. Why treat viewers like morons in this manner?

“If they don’t like dogs then definitely send them home,” Kelsey added to Clayton, offering up some helpful dating tips in the deleted scene.

“Or you could help them like dogs better.”

We actually do agree with this piece of advice.

Luke, for his part, agreed with his classmate, and also noted that Clayton should not kiss any of his women “on the first date.”

Echard, of course, broke this rule almost immediately on his premiere, swapping spit with multiple contestants.

Will he end up marrying any of them?

Visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to find out!

The Bachelor airs at 8/7c on Monday nights on ABC.

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