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Mike Berk Runs Away After Ximena Dumps Him on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days (Recap)


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Season 5, Episode 14 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days was a make-it-or-break-it moment for some of the couples.

Ximena has been telling her family that things are good, but they’re not. And it’s more than just not being ready to marry.

This episode was a long time coming, finally showing us the moment that a brokenhearted Mike walked away.

Another partner to walk away was Mahogany, who told Ben that he was not at all like he was online.

After one of their bitterest fights, Gino and Jasmine must reconcile before he can propose.

Usman’s entourage encourages him to forget about Kimberly, but he is eager to fix things with her.

Meanwhile, Memphis has just one day before her wedding to decide whether to delay the nuptials or marry without a prenup.

It’s a real no-win scenario for her, and the clock is ticking.

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Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar

Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar

Ximena is hanging out with family, telling her mother that everything is going just fine with Mike. This is a lie, of course, but Ximena’s mom seems to be the last to know.

Ximena’s sister clears that up

Ximena's sister clears that up

Ximena gives her mother an abbreviated description of where things stand, complaining to Mike is “weird” because he looks at her when they wake up and she gets out of bed, so he no longer sleeps in her bed.

That’s … odd

That's ... odd

Ximena’s mom Derly doesn’t understand her daughter’s thinking. It’s not just that the relationship itself seems fine aside from Ximena’s issues, but this could give her and her sons a better future.

She counsels Mike to be patient

She counsels Mike to be patient

She tells him that Ximena has never had a serious committed relationship before, so this could take time. (Also, Ximena is 24 … which doesn’t fully explain her extreme immaturity but does help, a little)

Ximena claims that this isn’t true

Ximena claims that this isn't true

She tells Mike — as they head out to play pool — that she has had what she considers “serious” relationships in the past, even if her mother doesn’t seem to view them that way.

So why didn’t they work out?

So why didn't they work out?

Ximena says that she would get “bored” of the relationship. While anyone can tap out of any relationship at any time, it does seem to be a symptom of Ximena’s immaturity.

In case he needed a reminder

In case he needed a reminder

Ximena reminds Mike that she just isn’t ready to marry him … which may be a hint that he should go ahead and pay for her breast implants, like she previously demanded, if he wants to meet her at the altar one day.

They pick up the conversation after playing pool

They pick up the conversation after playing pool

Mike is tired of walking on eggshells around his petulant quasi-fiancee, opting to confront her about how he can’t help but notice the timing. Ximena suddenly expressed how he “annoyed” her when he stopped saying “yes” to everything that she wanted.



Ximena dismisses this idea immediately, noting that Mike still pays her rent, so it’s not like he’s not sending her money anymore.

If that’s the way that he feels, it’s over

If that's the way that he feels, it's over

Ximena tells him that they’ll just be “friends” (who don’t speak the same language and who seemingly have nothing in common), and that he can stop sending her money.

A nasty side of Mike comes out

A nasty side of Mike comes out

He tells her that he wants “back” all of the things that he’s bought for her. We get that he’s pissed, but that’s not how gifts work — the things that he’s bought for her are hers. Besides, if they really wanted to go this route, it’s not like she can un-bang him. Ximena, however, calls his bluff, telling him that he can take back whatever he likes.

So long as he understands that they’re done

So long as he understands that they're done

Ximena makes it very clear that the relationship — the engagement, the romance, all of it — is done.

This is too much for Mike

This is too much for Mike

In an emotional panic, he just gets up and walks away with production having to really move to follow him. One camera does stay behind with Ximena, recording her tearing up — as disinterested as she sounded to his face, it’s clear that this wasn’t easy for her, either.

“My mind’s going crazy”

"My mind's going crazy"

Channeling his inner Paul Staehle, Mike just … walks through a largely unfamiliar city while trying to process all of these feelings.

Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca

Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca

Mahogany is frankly embarrassed that her parents showed up — by surprise — to see Ben ghost her for breakfast. It creeped her out that he then messaged her that he wanted to meet with her parents, but not with her.

Not what she expected from a guy more than 30 years older

Not what she expected from a guy more than 30 years older

Mahogany tells her dad that she is interested in dating an older man because so many guys her age are less mature, but Ben is behaving oddly in a way that makes him seem to be just as immature, if not more so, than her peers.

Now it’s Ben’s turn to wait

Now it's Ben's turn to wait

He thinks that he’s waiting for Mahogany’s parents, but she is the one who shows up — alone.

Her parents aren’t coming

Her parents aren't coming

She brings Ben a handwritten note by her dad, citing the “personal reasons” that have called him away.

Mahogany has something to say

Mahogany has something to say

She tells Ben that the things that he told her in chat versus the things that he had held back — about his past, among other things — are sending up huge red flags for her. He doesn’t seem like the same man that he did over those messages.

Now, she’s seen the real Ben

Now, she's seen the real Ben

The real Ben is a man who sends her pages of off-the-walls text messages and then ghosts her the next day at breakfast. Ben gets huffy when she asks him about his past. Ben pushes past her boundaries.

She straight up does not want to be here

She straight up does not want to be here

So she gets up and walks away, leaving Ben devastated and alone.

The next day …

The next day ...

Ben is packing up his things and bracing for an awkward car ride. It will be at least two hours of driving, but he says that he’s looking forward to “mandatory alone time” (his words, not ours) with Mahogany. He remains convinced that this is all part of God’s plan for him, that Mahogany was placed in his heart for a reason.

Hmmm … that’s not Mahogany

Hmmm ... that's not Mahogany

There is someone new in Mahogany’s room, Ben discovers in one of the most awkward ways imaginable. He’s not a guest — Mahogany has checked out. Her car is gone, too.

She didn’t leave that morning, either

She didn't leave that morning, either

Mahogany checked out the night before, Ben finds out at the front desk.

Ben will have to hire a car service to take him back

Ben will have to hire a car service to take him back

That means coughing up the equivalent of $250-$270 dollars (for what will be several hours of driving in both directions for the driver).

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda

Jasmine is in her room, marveling at how she has not seen Gino for hours after their fight. Gino knocked over his chair and stormed away from the table, unhappy at being called out over a trip that he took with his ex but hadn’t told Jasmine about. Now, it’s clear that she wishes that he had returned already.

She goes out to find Gino

She goes out to find Gino

Jasmine sits by him, and they have a heart to heart. Gino feels very attacked by Jasmine, as if he can never do anything right. Jasmine feels like Gino doesn’t fully appreciate how harmful some of his choices have been. Weirdly, they’re both right, albeit about different things.

They reconcile

They reconcile

The thing is that they do both really love each other, despite all of the toxic nightmare stuff in their hellish relationship.

Jasmine gushes over Gino

Jasmine gushes over Gino

She isn’t blind to his faults, she makes clear to the confessional camera, but she really does care about him.

They go on a romantic swim

They go on a romantic swim

All in all, they start finally having the fun, loving vacation that they were meant to be on all along.

It’s time

It's time

Even though it’s been a bit rainy, Gino decides that there is no time like the present. He drops to one knee and proposes to Jasmine.

Will she marry him?

Will she marry him?

Gino holds up the ring, which Jasmine does not yet know was basically the cheapest one that he could find.

They’re engaged!

They're engaged!

Jasmine says yes, and the two embrace as fiance and fiancee.

Jasmine does notice that the ring’s a bit weird

Jasmine does notice that the ring's a bit weird

She then covers for her doubts, talking about how sweet Gino was to get it for her.


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