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What is WatchCartoonOnline & Top 12 WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives of 2022


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As we all know that animated shows, animated movies and cartoons are not only made for children. Adults can also watch animated shows. There are millions of people who love watching animated movies. Some adults watch anime for good reasons. Anime helps adults in reducing their stress. You will get many cartoon shows which are available on the internet. These shows provide several hours of entertainment for many people. 

If you love using WatchCartoonOnline and it’s difficult to access it then you must be looking for other alternatives to watchcartoononline. Here we have mentioned the top 12 WatchCartoonOnline alternatives.

Do Many people always wonder what is the reason behind the popularity of WatchCartoonOnline? The biggest reason behind its success is its user-friendly design. It also has a large number of quantities of cartoon and anime series. On this platform, animated movies are also available in HD quality. 

There are many users who avoid using this website because of some restrictions or bans that were imposed on WatchCartoonOnline. If this happens to you then you should look for some alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline. 

If after reading this article, you find this website helpful or interesting then you can also share this with your friends and family. If you have any feedback then you can write to us or if you have anything to suggest then we always welcome that.

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

Watchcartoononline is a well-known streaming website. It is an Anime streaming website, it offers anime to anime lovers. On this website, you will get shows dubbed in English. This website is completely free of cost. We can watch all the shows in HD quality. To make their services more convenient, they have also started a mobile application by which users can access this website by their mobile phone. This new modification in this website makes it a mobile-friendly platform. 

You may be thinking that watching anime online for free may be illegal or may not be illegal, but this article is just for entertainment purposes. You will get to know several new things about this website which will eventually make your anime watching experience safer. 

The new website which came in 2021 is evidently a worldwide net. If watchcartoononline terminates then you will see several mirror sites, like, which were developed by this website. Apart from the mirror websites, you will also get many watchcartoononline alternatives. 

As the world is changing, there is a need to develop many websites which offer anime or cartoons to the viewers. In today’s time, all the cartoons or shows were broadcasted not just on TV but also on websites. The desire of humans was also increasing day by day. Watchcartoononline is the result of this change.

Other Alternatives`

If you love watching anime or cartoons then you will get a number of websites on the internet.  There are several options that provide you with your desired show. We have mentioned 21 alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline in this article. Apart from those alternatives, there are several other online streaming platforms, some of these are Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, etc. you can even watch anime on some television channels. There are many people who randomly use google to watch any show but they didn’t find all the episodes of any show. 

However, in this article, we will concentrate on watchcartoononline. As I told you earlier that WatchCartoonOnline is a free website, it was specifically developed for users who want to watch several anime but don’t want to invest a lot of money. This website is also helpful for people who want to enjoy any anime show from anywhere in the country. You can get a variety of cartoons and anime on this website. It might be possible that if you are an anime fan then you probably heard about this website. 

WatchCartoonOnline Legal or Illegal?

Many people often wonder whether is WatchCartoonOnline legal or illegal. If you are also one of them you are looking for legal options to watch anime online then this section is for you. This website comes under the category of Piracy Websites. This means that this website doesn’t have the right to broadcast all the shows on this platform.

Basically, the legality also depends upon the laws of any country. There are several countries where these websites are legal and there are some other countries where pirated websites are illegal. Before, accessing any streaming website you should research its legality this process will help you.

Almost all Piracy website is illegal to access. If you often use the pirated website then you are violating the laws of your country which may lead to some legal consequences. Websites like watchcartoononline illegally telecast copyrighted content on their developed websites.

As I stated to you earlier, watchcartoononline is completely an illegal website. But, many people are already aware of this fact. Despite knowing this fact many people are still using these pirated websites. Many people don’t even care about these things. By this, I am not saying that it is legal to use these websites and I am just making you aware of every important fact related to watchcartoononline. If you are using any pirated website then you should know that it is a criminal offense.

In this section, I would advise keeping a distance from any kind of piracy. You should also not promote these websites. It may also cause danger to your data.

Features of WatchCartoonOnline 2022

  • Shows in Hindi dubbed

As we all know that WatchCartoonOnline is an online anime streaming website. One of the most amazing features of this website is that you can even watch any anime show in the Hindi language. Many people don’t understand Japanese and they don’t want to read subtitles while watching anything so, this feature could be helpful for those people. This website has also set up a team that will help you whenever you need any help. 

  • Anime in English with subtitles

If you are one of them who watches anime shows in English then you can also visit this website to watch any show. There are many shows which are not available in the Hindi language so, for those you can use its second feature which is that it provides anime shows in the English language with subtitles. There are several language options that you will get on this website. But, if you don’t understand any one of these then you can watch that show in English.

  • You can watch it online
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There are many people who prefer to watch any show online. On the platform, you can directly stream your favorite shows. There is no need to download any show. 

  • Access by Mobile phone

There are many viewers who love watching shows while traveling, in that case, using a laptop is not a comfortable option so, to help those people this website has modified itself now anyone can access this website on their mobile phone. 

  • User-friendly interface

This website has a user-friendly interface. It’s very easy to search for anything on this website. The developers of this website have done a brilliant job in preparing its interface. You will get almost everything on its menu. On this website, the category is divided so, that users can get their desired show easily. Its interface is so well developed as it became very engaging for the users.  

  • You will get a number of shows on this website which is a very interesting feature of this website. You can get high-quality anime. You can even download any anime on this website. Most probably that download would be free. 
  • No need to sign up

You can access this website without signing up. For many users, signing up for any website is a very difficult task. To provide ease to its users, this website has removed the condition to sign up. 

WatchCartoonOnline other Domain names 2022

WatchCartoonOnline is a pirated website, as we previously stated, and the original website ( has been removed and is no longer active. This website violates the copyright laws of several states as it provides anime content free of cost without any authority. This could be the major reason behind its ban. 

But WatchCartoonOnline regularly introduces new sister websites that also have the same features as Watchcartoononline. Whenever anyone developed any website that provides pirated content then those websites are removed by the cyber cell department. These departments work in removing those websites from the internet. By which, viewers won’t be able to use the facility of watchcartoononline to resolve this problem watchcartoononline creates some sister websites time by time.

In this section of the article, we will be dealing with other domains of WatchCartoonOnline that can be used by the viewers to watch anime shows of their choice. But, it may be possible that some of these may be blocked by Cyber Cell. 

Many people prefer using VPN to access these websites. 

Some of these websites are,,,,,,,,, etc.

New Proxy/mirror websites links of WatchCartoonOnline 2022

Viewers are dealing with several problems related to WatchCartoonOnline. One of the major issues is that the link to this website is not constant. The links of watchcartoononline keep changing as it is pirated website and they violate copyright laws. Some of the links don’t even last for a week. 

As many people must know that there are other pirated websites that have developed their proxy websites. Just like the other online anime streaming website, watchcartoononline has also started its proxy/mirror websites, so that users can use those websites in case the original websites stopped working. 

The owner of these websites claims that Mirror websites and Proxy websites can be used to watch original anime content. Anyone can access this content by using a different domain name. The developer of many fake mirror websites usually states that these websites are original.

I don’t say that all of these websites which I’ll mention below are legitimate and working right now. You have to check once whether these websites were legal in your country or not?

It may be possible that it has already changed its domain name. 

Now I’ll mention some of its mirror websites links, you can check these websites before accessing them:


Now I’d want to bring up something very significant. It is recommended that you use a VPN to avoid problems such as annoying adverts and virus assaults that might harm your computer. If you watch pirated content, you are doing it at your own risk. We are only providing you with information and are thus not liable for any losses.

How to download WatchCartoonOnline APK?

If you don’t want to take any kind of risk in life then you should not download this app. But if you are confident enough to download any application outside of Google Play Store then you can download it. Several people around the globe prefer using Apk. So, this section is especially focused on the topic of APK.

WatchCartoonOnline makers have developed an application that works on both IOS and Android devices. It may be possible that you will get this application on google play or the Apple app store as this was recently developed and introduced. If you didn’t get this application on these platforms then you can even search this application on Chrome.

You can even follow these steps:

  • You have to open Google as the first step.
  • On the search tab, enter “WatchCartooonOnline App” or you can even write “WatchCartoonOnline Apk”. 
  • After this, you will get a number of options. There you will get a website “Apkpure” and there are several other websites too. You just have to click on the Apkpure.
  • Then you will get the option to download and install the application of your choice for your device.
  • You have to allow the unknown source.

But, I will advise you that there is no need to take any risk. We are not responsible if you download this application. These steps which I’ve mentioned here may or may not work, but there are several other options too. 

Top 12 alternatives of WatchCartoonOnline 2022

As Watchcartoononline is a pirated website so it becomes essential to talk about Watchcartoononline alternatives. Here we will look for WatchCartoonOnline alternatives. 

1. KissAnime

KissAnime is one of the most famous anime streaming websites on the internet. KissAnime has secured a special place in the anime community. KissAnime provides a different kind of content. You can watch new as well as old anime shows on this platform. You can even watch cartoon shows on this platform.


On this website, you can stream or download any show for free of cost. This website provides illegal content because this violates the laws. KissAnime is the sister website of KissManga which is well-known for its anime content. In Japan, manga means a comic of anime.

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You will like KissAnime if you like watching shows dubbed in a different language. If you don’t get the show dubbed in your language then you can watch any show with English subtitles. You can even show in HD quality. You can even adjust the quality.

There is no need to subscribe to watch any show on this platform. This platform is completely free. But if you want additional benefits then you have to subscribe to this website.

This website has a wide range of collections of anime this quality plays a very important role in its popularity among youngsters. They regularly update their list.

Many users gave KissAnime the title of “one of the world’s biggest streaming anime websites”. KissAnime has its own fanbase. There was a time when KissAnime became the most visited site in the world in the field of the pirated sites. According to the report of TorrentFreak, there are millions of people who use KissAnime.

You can visit KissAnime to watch any anime show. If you don’t like any kind of disturbance while experiencing your favorite show on your device then you can subscribe yourself to the premium plan. By availing of this plan, you will not get any kind of advertisements while watching anything. If you are an anime lover then you should take the advantage of this facility.

KissAnime was started in 2014. It has been working for almost 8 years and became the most popular streaming website. On the 14th of August 2020, KissAnime, as well as KissManga, was shut down. The most recent domain of KissAnime (i.e. came into existence in 2016 and is now banned. KissAnime was restricted as it violates several copyright laws. There were some very serious policies that were launched by the Japanese government which resulted in its ban.

The USA has also thought of removing it from the internet in 2017. FUNimation a company which is situated in the USA wants to ban this website due to some well-known reasons. KissAnime has been infringing many USA laws. Australia has also banned this in 2018.

Despite every illegality of this website, several people still use it. Many people find this website really easy to use that is why it became so popular. There are many mirror websites of KissAnime. KissAnime is banned in many countries so before accessing it in your country you have to check its legality at your place.

2. KissCartoon

KissCartoon is an anime streaming website that consists of a number of websites that provide a lot of content. It is a free online platform where you can watch anime or cartoons. If you looking to access this website then you should know that you can access this website by using any device. It can access with a web browser. KissCartoon is a website that offers shows in HD quality. They have a large number of content lists from which you can select any one of them.


You can easily use this website, developers have developed this website as user-friendly. The menu is well-organized which makes it very easy for people to select any show for themselves or their children.

KissAnime is the owner of KissCartoon. KissAnime operates this website network. All the servers are situated in the country. The sites were based in Vietnam. The group of KissAnime has launched and managed several websites other than KissCartoon. All other websites provide pirated content. They have even developed sites that focus on Manga, Korean Drama, and U.S. comics.

These websites have completed almost a decade on the Internet. There are almost millions of people who have visited this website to watch their desired shows and movies. Although, many of these websites that still exist today are fake clones.

In 2017, the US ambassador to Vietnam has requested a criminal prosecution against this website which eventually resulted in the ban of KissCartoon. After its ban, there were many websites that took its place. Those websites are not managed by the same people who developed and managed KissCartoon. Now, people don’t even know who operated the clones of KissCartoon.

But, for your safety, you should know that KissCartoon is not a legal website in many countries as they provide pirated cartoon and anime shows. KissCartoon has been banned by several governments in many countries.

3. Anime Planet

anime planet 

Anime Planet provides a wide range of anime, you can get old and new both kinds of shows here. After KissAnime, it would be the best choice for you and you should give this site your priority. On the menu page, you will get a variety of shows; you can select any one of these according to your taste. This website is absolutely free so, you don’t need any registration to use it. You can have an amazing time watching on this platform in HD quality.

4. AnimeLab

anime lab

Animelab provides HD quality videos that were directly from Japan. It is very easy to search for any show on this website because they have provided categories that are further divided into subcategories. You don’t need any kind of registration before using this website. They upload new episodes every week because of that you don’t need to wait longer.

5. GoGoAnime


On this website, you will get the oldest as well as latest shows according to your preference. You will every type of show here. If you are an anime lover, then you must use this website once, try it if you haven’t done that. Download this site to use it.

GogoAnime is an online website where anyone can watch anime. Many people prefer using GogoAnime if they want to download any anime for free. Almost every anime and TV shows are present on this website. Many people visited this website every year because it has a huge collection of anime movies and TV shows. Many viewers stated that they had a good experience because this website provides shows in HD quality.

You will get several advertisements on this platform that how they earn money. This website is one of the favorite spots for anime lovers because they can watch all popular anime movies and shows. Viewers can download their favorite anime shows from this website. On their website, they also promote some products in order to earn. In addition to this, users can even download any of the episodes of any show in any format and resolution.

This website is banned in several countries because it is pirated site so it is not a legal website. This website has all its content in pirated form. You should not use this website regularly because it’s illegal and unsafe.

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6. AniLinkz


AniLinkz is well known because it frequently updates itself. People usually search for the latest shows so, they love this site for that. It has shows that were trading and latest. It is free of cost so, you can access this site easily. You can use the site website anytime according to your choice. Check in the categories and choose your favorite show out of many options. It claims that it provides videos in HD quality, it has no buffering issues and it can provide a simplified way to use.

7. Horriblesubs


This website is new for anime lovers. But, many people are using this website because of its accessibility and amazing features. It has a fascinating design that attracts people. It has movies and different kind of content that is liked by most people. You can try this website once if you haven’t tried it.

8. CartoonCrazy

Next on our list is CartoonCrazy. It is a website that is very popular for watching anime. You can watch a number of shows on this platform.


If you like or prefer watching dubbed shows then you can use this website. On this platform, you can watch shows dubbed in English. If you are looking for any website that provides the latest shows then you should once visit this website. It has a decent collection of anime. Many users state that they had a satisfactory experience after using this website because of its well-developed interface that is user-friendly.

On this platform, you can watch anime and cartoons in every video quality and resolution which is a great thing for any viewer. This website is also a pirated website that’s why its domain name is not stable.

9. 9Anime

Now, we will talk about 9Anime which is the best WatchCartoonOnline alternative after KissAnime. But, you may be well aware of KissAnime. You will get the best anime content on this platform. You can watch anime shows dubbed in English.  The makers have developed a fast pace interface that engages its user and the users can get their favorite anime quickly. On this platform, you will get anime shows dubbed and with subtitles too. 


The team of this platform wants to solve all the problems of its viewer so they have provided a comment section in every episode of any series. Other people can watch and read the comments of other people before watching any show. This can help them in deciding whether they should watch that show or not.

This is the way through which the developer of this website is a community. On this platform, people can discuss their thoughts related to any show or anime. But, you just need to be careful sometimes because some people become really mean in the comment section.

10. Animeheaven

The next anime streaming website on this list is AnimeHeaven. The name of this website clarifies everything about this site. This website fulfills all the desires of anime lovers. When you visit this website you’ll see different categories of anime shows that are organized on its menu page. You can easily search for your favorite to watch on its main page. Animeheaven takes care of your taste.


If you are looking for any website which allows you to share your content then you try this website once. This website provides an opportunity to the viewers of AnimeHeaven to share the content they like. The basic feature of this website is streaming which means that anyone can watch any show online but there is an additional feature too under which you can also download the episodes of any show. You will get all of these features free of cost.

This website has a drawback which is that you have to make an account if you want to watch anime on this website. If you can’t access KissCarton and other websites then you should try this at your own risk but before using it you should know about its legality in your country.

11. AnimeToon

AnimeToon is a website that offers both anime and western animation shows and this website is popular among the viewers. You don’t have to pay anything to stream any latest movie or show on this platform. You can visit this website if you like watching Japanese shows in the English language. This could be the greatest advantage of this website. People can watch any show in English which makes it easy for them to understand.


AnimeToon offers shows in different languages and in different genres like crime, adventure, comedy, action, romance, etc. They are well-known for their variety of content. If you visit their website you may definitely get something for yourself. This website is somehow similar to CartoonCrazy and KissCartoon in terms of quality.

12. ToonGet

ToonGet is one of those websites that doesn’t change its domain name frequently like KissCartoon. The owner of ToonGet doesn’t change its domain name or address for many years. There are many websites that often change their domain name and address.


They have created there a menu of TV series and films in an alphabetical manner. You will get a description in every episode of the show you are watching. It offers different kinds of content like anime, cartoons, and even KDrama. You can watch shows in SD or HD quality. If you like reading comics then you can also do that. You can watch shows dubbed in the English language or with subtitles.

This website is completely free of cost and you don’t need to register yourself before using this website to watch any show.


As the title suggests, we have discussed almost everything about WatchCartoonOnline in this article, “What is WatchCartoonOnline & Top 12 WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives of 2022.”We divided the topics into subtopics so that you could easily understand everything. There is a single topic that explains the features of this website, and the topic’s name is “Features of WatchCartoonOnline 2022.”

We also discussed the legality of websites such as WatchCartoonOnline, KissAnime, KissCartoon, and others that provide online anime streaming. In this article, you will also learn how to download the WatchCartoonOnline Apk or App.

Despite the fact that WatchCartoonOnline is illegal and banned in several countries, the creators of WatchCartoonOnline have created mirror and proxy websites, some of which are,,, and, among others.

KissCartoon, KissAnime, AnimePlanet, AnimeLab, GogoAnime, AniLinkz, Horriblesubs, CartoonCrazy,, AnimeHeaven, ToonGet and AnimeToon are the top 12 WatchCartoonOnline alternatives. Aside from these, there are other legal options, such as Netflix, Hotstar, and others.

By doing so, we are not encouraging anyone to watch shows illegally; rather, this article is intended to educate anyone interested in watching anime shows. Before you use any website, you should learn everything there is to know about it (Pros and Cons.)

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