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MTV Reveals Fate of Teen Mom Family Reunion: Has It Been Canceled Already?


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For years now, ratings for the various Teen Mom shows have been in steady decline.

That news doesn’t come as much of a surprise to these series’ few remaining viewers, many of whom have can be found tweeting about the franchise’s boring, unrelatable content week after week.

The latest installment in the incredibly long-running franchise is Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

The show was supposed to revive interest in the Teen Mom-iverse, creating new drama by putting the cast members from different shows together for the first time.

But so far, fans haven’t been taking the bait.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion ratings have been downright disastrous, and the situation is getting worse every week.

The show premiered with a paltry 463,000 viewers.

The numbers continued to decline from there, despite some all-out casting stunts from producers.

When Farrah Abraham joined the cast of Young and Pregnant producers were reportedly expecting the controversy to translate to a major ratings boost.

Instead, the opposite turned out to be true.

Farrah’s first episode was the lowest rated of the season thus far, pulling in a scant 381,000 viewers.

Contrast that to the early seasons of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, when individual episodes regularly pulled in several million viewers, and you begin to understand the severity of the problem.

For obvious reasons, industry experts and casual observers alike have been expecting a cancelation announcement.

But according to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, network execs have decided to renew TMFR for a second season.

The move comes as a shock to many.

But few are surprised by the fact that the show will undergo some major retooling.

For starters, producers will need to address various casting issues.

Farrah says she won’t return for another season, so there’s no risk of repeating that mistake.

However, that’s far from the only personnel problem that’s been causing headaches among production staff.

Obviously, drama is a good thing when it comes to reality shows, but too much hostility can be a bad thing.

For example, the Ashley Jones-Jade Cline feud wasn’t very popular with viewers (it’s just no fun when security has to jump in every five minutes).

Add to that the fact that several cast members were offended by Jones’ jokes about Cline’s mother and her issues with addiction, and it’s not hard to see why producers will reportedly be giving Ashley the ax. 

“Several of the [Young & Pregnant] girls have issues with Ashley [Jones, who appears on Season 1],” a source told The Ashley.

“They need some new faces to make this interesting.” 

We know what you’re thinking:

Maybe execs will invite Jenelle Evans to join the show as Jones’ replacement.

We doubt that’ll happen, however, as producers learned their lesson about bringing back historically unpopular cast members from the whole Farrah debacle.

So while there probably won’t be any more wild casting stunts on par with Ms. Abraham, the show needs to figure out something quick.

Because it’s unlikely that MTV will tolerate a second season of abysmal ratings.

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