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My 600-lb Life Alum Reveals: Is the Show Actually Real?!?


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My 600-lb Life is a reality show.

This is how the series is always described, that is.

But former cast member Steven Assanti recently jumped on a Facebook Live session to take fans behind the scenes of this long-running TLC program, answering the question that has so frequently been asked in the past about so-called reality shows just like My 600-lb Life…

My 600-lb Life logo

is it actually real?!?

Assanti — who appeared on My 600-lb Life back iin 2017, tipping the scales back then at over 800 pounds — tackled this topic head on.

This is what he said on the subject when it was broached by a follower:

“Is this show real? Yes. Is it acting? No. Is it exhausting? Yes. Very. So exhausting to the point that there are days that I don’t even want to film.”

Continued Assanti on Facebook:

“I try to avoid being filmed, but the camera crew — especially one of them in particular — is so persistent that he will continue to knock on the door, and knock on the door, and knock on the door until you can’t stand it anymore…

“It’s just a lot of work.

“A lot of filming, a lot of days put in.”

steven a

As you can clearly see above, Assanti says for the record that My 600-lb Life is real. 

But he does go on to qualify this point in the chat.

“I don’t really — and I can’t really — tell you what the process is, because … I could get sued,” the former star explains.

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“There’s a lot of filming involved, a lot of retakes. And it’s a lot of work for someone who’s morbidly obese.”


A lot of retakes, huh?

That doesn’t sound 100% real, does it?

Of course, a series such as this staging a scene here or asking a cast member there to say something for a second time isn’t exactly breaking news.

We hate to tell you this, but producers often tell The Bachelor or The Bachelorette lead who he or she must send home or keep around prior to a Rose Ceremony as well.

life logo

It’s still interesting, though, to hear the perspective of someone who has actually been on the show, you know?

My 600-lb Life, meanwhile, made far more tragic headlines just a few days afo after Destinee LaShaee passed away.

The first transgender individual to ever be featured on the series, LaShaee also used the name Matthew Ventress, and was only 30 years old at the time of his death

“No no no I’m sorry bro, I accept you for who you are,” the Season 7 alum’s brother wrote in a public Facebook post at the time.

“I accept every flaw that come with you, I’m sorry you felt alone, I’m sorry you felt you had nobody else to turn too, I’m sorry you felt you had no other option.

“Destiny wouldn’t of wanted this.

“Lord why keep taking my siblings away, how much can I take?”


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