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My Father Has Torn This Family Apart, Kody Brown’s Son Screams!


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It all came crashing down on Kody Brown this week.

Over the past few episodes of Sister Wives, we’ve watched as the father of 18 has ordered his spouses to follow his VERY strict Covid-19 protocols… or risk not seeing him at all amid this raging pandemic.

Should one get vaccinated and boosted and wear a mask in public?


But sanitizing every item before it’s taken inside, as Kody included a couple weeks ago on his list of demands?

Meri, Janelle and Christine all expressed consternation over this sort of virus-related rule.

Which brings us to Sunday night’s brand new episode of the TLC series — which was filmed WAY back in November 2020 and which centered mostly around Janelle clashing with her husband.

You don’t see that too often, do you?

In this case, she didn’t think Kody’s Covid approach was realistic… not when he expected couple’s adult sons, Garrison and Gabriel, to put their social lives on hold for the foreseeable future.

Kody, however, disagreed.

“I’m making all the sacrifices and I’m asking everybody else to simply meet that level of sacrifice so that the family can exist,” said the selfish spouse, adding that “anything” he can do to prevent possible COVID-19 exposure amongst the family is “a smart idea.”

Janelle balked at Kody’s aggression in his response.

And then her jaw basically smacked against the ground after he suggested that Garrison and Gabriel should potentially move out so that he can continue to come over and visit with their mom.

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For real. He said this.

Janelle later relayed Kody’s rules to her sons, prompting Gabriel to express how “tired” he is of their father’s “stupid games.”

From there, Garrison added that Kody is acting like “a child” and that he needs to “figure out how not to tear apart his family over something so stupid.”

The kids even threatened to call their dad to address their dissatisfaction with his protocols and said they didn’t wanna see him on Thanksgiving.

At one point, Janelle admitted to Robyn that she spent eight months apart from Kody earlier in their marriage and said of the current situation:

“I think that’s why I kind of freaked out the other day.

“I’m masking.

“You know, I’m [doing] pretty much all those things [he requires]. But the extra few steps were just like, ‘Whoa, that’s too many of my choices being taken away.'”

Toward the end of the episode, the sister wives gathered with Kody to try and finalize their Thanksgiving plans.

Christine, for one, said she’d be doing her own thing away from her husband, which prompted a classic line from Kody:

“No guilt trip, just a little prick to your conscious and you guys decide what you do,” he told the group.

“I’m not going to tell this family how they do it. I am going to lead the way that I think is the right way.”

This sure sounded like a guilt trip to Janelle.

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You don’t think I’m aware? You don’t think I’m being careful?” she asked Kody.

In response, he requested for Janelle to “respect” the “big picture” regarding his COVID-19 guidelines, but she was less than amused.

“You know, f— off,” Janelle actuallyy said before walking away.

Christine tried to explain Janelle’s point of view to Kody, but the latter was stuck in his own myopic world.

“She’s got you on one end of the spectrum and then maybe Gabe on the other end of the spectrum,” Christine told her now-former spouse.

“She probably feels different every day. She’s getting crap from both sides.

“Your speech was very forceful. I know you were probably trying to be polite and she probably has to deal with that kind of crap from her kids all day long.”

Kody, in turn, said he felt he was being “blamed” for everything.

(NOTE: He has since, very recently, confessed to screwing his family up.)

In a confessional, Janelle said she was “frustrated” by the entire discussion about the holidays.

“I’m between a rock and a hard place here,” she explained.

And she concluded:

“I’m having to make sure my kids are safe, my kids are mentally well, I’m giving them the best chance.

“And then I’m having to choose these rules that the family has [for COVID-19], which aren’t very different from my rules. I’m stuck.

“I’m stuck here and I don’t want to spend Thanksgiving alone. My family’s all being quarantined, I’m not being dangerous here.”

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