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Nearshoring Services in Mexico: How are They Helpful?


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Nearshore outsourcing is the concept of getting work done or simply services performed by people in adjoining countries rather than in your own country. The commonest types of jobs that are actually outsourced include software development, technical support and even that of call center jobs. However, you must know that the nearshore outsourcing is compared against offshoring as well as onshore outsourcing.

Nearshore , onshore , offshore outsourcing

Though nearshore outsourcing includes hiring for services in adjoining countries, offshoring involves employing or contracting services in nations that are further away. Such options offer an unambiguous contrast from onshore outsourcing, that is simply employing or contracting services from someone outside the company , but still inside the same country. You know, whatever you choose, you can always find experts like nearshoring services in Mexico for your needs.

Now, assume that for companies that are in the U.S., outsourcing nearshore could be to nations like Canada and Mexico. However, if you speak of full offshore outsourcing, it might be to Asian countries such as India or the Philippines; South American countries such as Argentina or Brazil; or European countries such as Ukraine. To choose outsourcing destinations relies heavily on the requirements of a business and the kind of job.

Quick perks of Nearshore outsourcing 

Nearby geographical proximity

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It simply means that travel and communications are convenient as the outsourcer is probable to be a similar time zone. For companies that make use of offshore outsourcing, the time zone differences can actually be tough to manage when meetings are required or a swift turnaround is required.

Cost savings

Then you know nearshoring can be quite more cost effective relying on the location and the kind of job, although this is not really always the case. For example, nearshore software development is kind of a far more specialized skill and, hence , labour costs might not be as cheap as, say, that of any call center.

Huger talent pool

Then you know  apart from the in-house talent and outsourcing inside the states, by nearshoring, a business can easily and significantly expand access to diverse types of high-quality service providers and even that of outsourcing partners.

Meaning of nearshore to Mexico?

Nearshoring to Mexico simply is the process of a company or business shifting all or partial of its operations from the USA to that of Mexico.  You know it is quite similar to traditional offshoring, where you simply shift business operations to another nation with a low cost of living.  And though both nearshoring and offshoring aids you leverage the advantages of lower costs , they do have their differences.


In this thing , a company simply moves all or an area of its operations to a nearby country. For example, if any US company or business shifts operations to another North American country, it is known as nearshoring.

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Here, a company shifts operations to a farther away country or business with a lower cost of living than that of their home country. For example, in case a US company simply shifts operations to China, it is known as offshoring.

However, you also have reshoring (even known as onshoring), where factories get relocated from the foreign or neighbouring country back to that of the home country. For example, if a US company shifts its manufacturing operations to China or Mexico and then simply moves operations back to the USA, it would be known as reshoring.

Importance of starting Nearshoring to Mexico

For decades, nearshoring has been an amazing and effective way to relish the benefits of the low-cost economy of Mexico. But now appears to be the ideal time to begin this process. Earlier, most of the US manufacturing companies preferred offshoring to countries such as China in Asia. This was simply for the reason that there was lower labour costs and favourable regulations on offer.

However, this is gradually changing. US companies now look for alternatives to that of China, partly because of the growing tensions between the two nations and China’s rising labour salaries.  To attract foreign type of investment, countries in Latin America such as Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, amidst others, offer huger benefits to such companies. For now, have a look at some of the many perks of nearshoring to Mexico.

Strong Safety of IP Rights

For a country like the USA that endorses innovation, the safety of intellectual property (IP) is absolutely crucial. American companies that are much dependent on their intellectual property contribute to nearly 1/3rd of the overall employment in the country.

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You know what US companies and businesses receive strong IP protection in Mexico. The United States-Mexico-Canada type of Agreement (USMCA), signed in November 2018, enhanced these types of efforts even further.  It was a simple step to modernize the twenty-five-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Remember this USMCA specifically highlights intellectual property protection as a main chapter and is definite to boost innovation in all three nations.

Less Labour Costs

In comparison to the USA, the expense of labour in Mexico is considerably lower. This is also for the reason of the lower average cost of living in Mexico. For example, you can easily avail the services of a skilled worker in Mexico at the expense of an entry-level worker in the area of USA.

Additionally, the labour expense of China is on the constant rise. As per a report, the wages in China are more than doubled between recent decades like 2008 and 2019.  It is the reason that the low monthly labour costs of Mexico are an attractive alternative for US companies as it lessens the manufacturing costs.

Availability of good Talented Workforce

Mexico offers a good talent pool of highly skilled and cost-effective staff members.  The quality of Mexican labour and higher management employees has actually been improving consistently over recent years. This is, in part, because of the nation’s improved education standards.  Moreover, no to forget that these individuals are friendly with the culture of both countries and are multi-lingual. And this helps them reply better to the requirements of US companies.


So, whether Staffing agencies in Mexico or any other options; you know what exactly is good for your business right now? Make ac choice that expands you.

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